10 Most Common Hidden Costs Of Building A Custom Home

Are you building a custom home in Perth? Are you wondering about the total costs of going through this process? There’s no wonder why. Building a custom home can be lengthy and costly. Not only this, but there are plenty of hidden costs that you might not think of right away. Not to mention plenty of builders who might not disclose this to you until a later stage. Read about the 10 most common of these hidden costs, below.

Performing Soil Tests

Soil tests are an essential part of the building process. That’s because builders will need to determine the overall quality of your land before building. The tests will advise the builder the soil classification, this will determine if soil is required to be removed and fill with clean sand or likelihood of the ground shifting. The report will advise the builder if they extra concrete footing are required the thickness of the slab needs to increase and the amount of steel that is required in the concrete make sure all engineering requirement are meet

The Costs of the Site

The costs of your site will be partially determined depending on the soil classification.That said, other expenses may arise and cause your site to cost you more. If you need to have trees, existing home, rocks, swimming pool and other material that may not be seen above ground that are required to be removed, you’ll have to pay extra. The level of the land will also play a large factor in site cost, this will determine the size of retaining walls required on the boundary, this will also involve the removal of boundary fencing, so this can be achieved


The Flooring

You might think that your flooring is included in the price of your custom home – but it isn’t. For this reason, you’ll want to choose your flooring carefully. Depending on the design and material, you could pay significantly more than you’re expecting.

The Driveway

Your driveway won’t be included in the cost of your overall home. This is mostly because it’s a part of the property rather than a part of your home. You can choose to put money aside for your driveway or ask your builder to include the driveway in the overall cost.


You might change your mind during the building process, and that’s okay. You might decide that you want a larger living room or a different floor plan for the second floor of the home. When you make these modifications, though, you’ll have to pay more money for the extra labour and manpower.

Prepare for Natural Disasters

Depending on where you live, you’ll have added costs because you have to ensure that your home is safe for Bushfire Attack Zones. You should ask your home builder to find out which changes must be applied.

Coastal Conditions

It is very important to under the closer you build to ocean the more expansive it going to cost, extra cost will incur if you are building within 500m cost will increase dramatically with 100m, especially when installing a colourbond roof.

Costs of Closing Roads

If your home is particularly close to a road, you might have to close off roads during construction. If you want to know how much it’ll cost, you should ask your custom builder to contact your city council.

Don’t Forget the Interest& Paying Rent

If you’re taking out a loan to build your custom home, you should remember that you’ll have to pay interest on this loan,like many people you will be paying rent during your build ; as such, you should consider the accumulation of these costs when you’re calculating your budget.

Boundary Fencing

Many client look at boundary fencing as an associated cost to finishing the home off,or by owner after handover, this should be looked at seriously up front, and included in with the builders works, many issues will arise at this stage, as dealing with neighbour and council requirement need to be followed. You are not just allowed to removal a neighbours fence because you want to put your own up.


If you’re going through the custom home building process, you might be worried about any unpredicted costs that could arise. That’s why we’re here to help. When you deal with Domination Homes, we lay out all the costs for you and make sure there is nothing hidden. Get in touch with our team today.