Vacant land is hard to find in Perth.  

 Finding available lots in your favourite suburb is nearly impossible. So, you may be better off finding an old home within your chosen suburb and demolishing the property to build a custom designed home. 

At Perth’s specialist home builders, Domination Homes have put together some steps you should consider when starting your knock-down and rebuild journey. 

If you missed our last blog with steps 1 to four, go back and read it here.  

Otherwise, continue reading for steps five, six and seven.  


5. Street Access


It is important to consider the accessibility of your block during the construction of your custom designed home. This is something you might not have thought of. 

When building a new luxury house in an established area, you will need to consider how easy it is to access the block for demolition and construction. 

Accessibility to your new luxury house can be difficult, as well as the impact on your neighbours. You don’t want things to go wrong before you have even moved in. 

Your new home’s impact on the neighbourhood and tradespeople is important.  

However, YOU will be negatively impacted by restricted access blocks. Particularly your bottom line. 

Be aware that extra charges may apply for traffic management, or manual unloading of materials if trades are unable to get near enough to the jobsite. 

Here are some things you should consider: 

Road sizes, including parked cars: 

  • Can large trucks get in? 
  • Are they able to move in and out of the room easily? 
  • Which times are the best? 



  • Is there parking nearby? 
  • What distance will traders and deliverers need to travel? 
  • What is the street terrain if parking is not available? 
  • Are heavy deliveries going to have to be carried uphill? 


Local Schools: 

  • Traffic at school drop-off and pick-up times has increased 
  • Is it likely that children will be close to the job site? 
  • How can you reduce danger for children? 
  • When is the best time to trade/deliver? 


Overhead powerlines:

It is possible in older areas, where overhead powerlines still exist. 

What height restrictions do trucks, cranes, and other machinery must be able to access your site? 



  • Is the area very crowded? 
  • When is peak traffic? 
  • Is it easy to get to your site? Traffic flow will be disrupted if large trucks take 5-10 minutes to manoeuvre in. 
  • Are traffic management requirements necessary for certain stages/days? 


6. Neighbours


Another reason to love your neighbour!

Your neighbours could be involved in the approval of your new custom home design plan if it is not compliant with standard building regulations. 

This can be tricky, especially for those who already have their nose out of joint or feel that your plans will negatively impact their lives. 

 You should build a trusting, open and honest relationship between your future neighbours, just like you would with a builder. It will make them much more open to you if they have met you and got to know you. 

As your builder, we prefer to meet your neighbours. We not only want to build a solid and harmonious relationship with them but also to be able to remove their concerns and come up with simple solutions and compromises for any issues they may have. 

For example, a window on the top of your staircase might allow you to look out at their backyard or into their master bath. Although they might prefer to keep their privacy, the window should allow for natural light. Fogged glass, which diffuses light, is a great solution. Another option is to move the window or raise it. Or you could use an outdoor screen as a shield. 

It is important that you are considerate and flexible to the concerns of your neighbours. It is possible to get into a heated negotiation and must let go of something you want. But considering you’ll be living next to these people and will likely need to rely on them for your mail, your bin, or your cat’s care, it’s important to make it a win-win. 


7. Pool


Surprisingly, backyard pools have become a desirable item for buyers looking for their next home.

This is due in large part to the ease of pool maintenance these days. There are automated self-cleaning systems, and even robot pool cleaners.

It’s no surprise that pools are a must-have in our warm climate. Pools require less effort and take up much less time to maintain. And with pool covers, which reduce heat loss and evaporation, they are also more energy efficient. 

It is important to talk with us about your plans to build a pool, now or in future. We can also help you decide on the best building design and cost. Consider how difficult it could be to get a pool in the backyard after you have built your house. It is easier to find the site if the pool is installed before you start building. 

If you are doing it after the construction is complete, the site for your intended pool may be difficult to access due to power lines or narrow streets nearby. A different method of delivery may also be necessary. 


At Domination Homes, we are knowledgeable Perth home builders in Perth who have the know-how to manage a project from start to finish. We will consult with local councils and stakeholders on your behalf, ensuring that you get all the permissions needed for your custom home– without any need for red tape or hassle! 

We can then determine what’s possible for your land by working out how best it could be developed. Get in touch with us today.