A Lesson In Sophistication: The Oceanview

The OceanviewThere is always a reason behind everything we do at Domination Homes.
In the creation of our beachside display home, we wanted sophistication and elegance at the foreground, with a real focus on the view.
From this, the Oceanview display home was born.
This Port Coogee home is ultra-modern and stylish, making it the perfect home for the Australian beachside lifestyle.
The open-plan living areas make the home feel airy and open, perfect for the beach-side lifestyle.
With an outdoor area that exudes elegance, the home is designed with tranquillity in mind.
The main living areas openup to the outdoor area through bi folds, where guests are treated to a peaceful reflective pool.
Given that the home is a stone’s throw from the beach, the design uses natural lighting to create an air of beachside sophistication.
This home has a number of key features, which elevate it beyond the standard family home.
In the master bedroom, a statement bath stands out and creates a luxurious atmosphere.
This element sets the master bedroom apart, but this could also serve as an art piece or a central talking point, as opposed to “just a bathtub”.
The winning element of the home? The scullery.
Modern entertainers love to leave their kitchen as a showcase, so what better way to do that then build a scullery, or butler’s kitchen, in the back.
This leaves the kitchen as a meeting ground for canapes or drinks, without the unsightly mess that is usually created when a dinner party or family barbeque is on the agenda.
Backlighting is also a big trend in this home, highlighting all of the key elements that make this beachside home truly one-of-a-kind.

From the Ground Up
The team from Domination Homes worked on the Oceanview from the ground up.
Members of the design team went down to the site and looked at the different elements in play in the design of the home.
They looked at things such as the view, the layout of the block and how they could use the tight space to the best of their ability.
One key difference is the team at Domination don’t design in the boardroom, they design from site.
What was born from that experience was an open plan, double storey home, with amazing views of the stunning Port Coogee beach.
Over the time that it was used as a display home, the Oceanview was seen by about 5000 people.
Many of these people used the home to inspire the design of their own masterpieces, particularly the specialty elements like the scullery.
The scullery displayed in the Oceanview was actually an element that was carried across many of the homes built by Domination Homes in the years after the display home was opened.
The Oceanview display home is no longer available for viewing.

The Next Step
There are plans in process for a new Domination Homes display home located in Applecross, due to be completed within the next 6 months.
Whilst this two-storey home was particularly “Port Coogee” in its beachside appeal, the new display home in Applecross will feature more grand architectural design and will be more paleaceous.
At Domination Homes, we believe it’s important to “find the feel” of your area. Luxury can come in many different forms and a luxury home definitely needs to feel at home in its suburb.
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