A New Look For Domination Homes

A new look for Domination Homes

When it comes to building homes, we evolve and stay fluid with the times. The same is to be said of our evolving brand.

In late 2016, we started a process of looking at where we have come as a company, and where we are going. It was decided that moving forward as a company, we needed something more dynamic and modern to reflect the new style of homes we have been creating.

Our management team had a series of meetings with our key strategic branding partner to look at our direction as a company.

Over a number of months, we went back and forth on different designs, different formats and different concepts.

Initially, we wanted to slowly transition to a new brand, however, the more we went through the process, the more we began to realise that at Domination Homes, if we do something, we do it all the way.

The symbolic nature of our logo reflects a key to signify that working with Domination Homes is the key to your dream home.  The D and the H of Domination Homes intersect to form this symbol.

A new look for Domination Homes

Our company has also moved towards black and white, moving away from the blues and yellows. This new colour palette is more reflective of our brand moving forward.

It was important for the team to go through a process to select a new logo and brand to really define who we are and what we want to achieve as a company. This was a valuable process and helped the team more clearly define our ethos.

Our new company branding has been rolled out across all of our physical applications, across all of our building sites and display homes. This has been an exciting process for all involved to see the new company ethos put in application.

Our company motto, “Built on Tradition, Designed on Innovation” is a true reflection of our humble roots, and the solidity of our company moving forward. The management team at Domination Homes has been in the building industry for more than 40 years, with a solid foundation of experience in the Perth building space.

The innovative part of our business is reflective in the idea that we are always pushing our company and our designs forward for the benefit of our clients.

The re-branding process has culminated in a new website, which has been designed with a true focus on our amazing homes. This website will be regularly updated with new homes the team is working on and more posts regarding what is happening within the company.

As part of building this website, the team at Domination Homes has spent time recording videos to reflect our designs and the work we have carried out.

We visited a home in Mandurah, one of our stunning Karrinyup homes and a very special home in Dianella. This experience was truly a reflective process, and we hope to share more of the work we have done over on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

As a company, we’re excited to start this new journey and we are looking forward to sharing more of this experience with our existing and new clients.