Having a custom dream Perth home is determined in the blueprint phase of your custom home design.


Your block of land is important in determining the quality and type of home you build. First, will you build in an existing area or a new subdivision? What size and style of home do you want? It’s also worth considering whether you’re open to altering building plans to suit your block of land.

To ensure you don’t fall into the trap of poor planning, we here at Domination Homes, have some advice for you to consider when selecting a block of land in Perth.


Think about the future and its long-term value


Property prices in a metropolitan area can increase when the surrounding environment offers new development opportunities.

When choosing a property, be sure to consider the orientation and size of your lot. Highly desired properties include wider frontages that allow for greater flexibility in design; an added benefit is if you have available space on one side or another which can face northward, these areas tend to produce more desirable homes!


Location, location, location


Be sure to choose the right area. A dream home does little good when the surrounding community is a poor fit.

It’s worth doing some research on proposed developments to protect your investment and future property values within the neighbourhood you plan on living in. The perfect house location should be close to quality roads and transport systems. Families with children should ensure nearby amenities, such as schools that can support their educational needs or stores where they will find everything necessary for daily life.

The block you’re looking to buy should be on level ground. But if it’s not, don’t sign any papers until after considering these factors – the proximity of bushland and slope size are both significant considerations in the possibility of a natural disaster that can harm your home; especially when considering a high Bushfire Attack Level (BAL).




The shape of your block will have a significant impact on how you design and plan for the layout. Blocks that are narrow or unusual may require more thought when building. However, they can still be maximised if planned properly, with a custom home builder in Perth, like Domination Homes. The importance here is matching up what’s aesthetically pleasing alongside what is practical with the shape presented. At Domination Homes, we are renowned for working with the surrounding elements to make your house, a dream custom home design.


Is it titled or untitled?


If you’re not in a hurry to start building, then an untitled block can save quite some money. On the other hand, titled blocks are ready for your new home promptly.




The zoning of your block will determine what type of dwelling you can build on it. In Australia, there are many different R-codes available. Low-density blocks will be zoned R-25 and below, whilst R30 through to R60 is medium density and R80 (and beyond) are for high-density areas.


Consider the less obvious elements, like the soil


If you’ve only moved into existing homes, you’ve likely not heard of the term’ site classification.’ It’s a critical part of planning to build. Put simply, site classification will tell you how likely soil shifting is. If the soil on the land block is more reactive, the concrete footing costs can be significantly more expensive.


Contact us today, we are a custom home builder in Perth who are here to work with you to bring your block to life. You can explore our boutique custom home designs here.