Architectural Styles To Consider For Your Luxury Home


At Domination Homes we can make all of your home dreams come true. We specialise in custom luxury home designs and can assist you with the design and construction of any type of luxury home imaginable.

The possibilities are infinite when it comes to choosing and designing your ideal home and our architects most certainly have the skill to work with any type of architectural style you have in mind for your dreamy new home.

If you haven’t decided on a specific architectural style or home design yet then perhaps this guide to architectural styles which includes some common, some not-so-common and some ever so lavish options, will give you the inspiration you need for creating the ideal, luxury home of your dreams.

Log homes

Log homes have been in use since the 1600s but lately, these types of homes are becoming increasingly popular as upmarket designs. Modern luxury log homes still have that authentic vibe but the designs of these homes improved dramatically. We can design you a splendid log home that looks brilliant complete with all the modern functions of all other luxury homes today.

Log homes

Cape Cod

Cape Cod home styles are more popular in northern areas but can be a great architectural trend to consider for your luxury home in Perth. They are the traditional design answer to minimalism. These homes are known for their steeper roofs, flanking front doors and dormer windows.

Art Deco

Art Deco structures mostly have flat roofs, smooth stucco walls and feature plenty of bold decorations. These home styles were developed from various influences including Ancient Egypt home styles. The style is charming, modern and will most certainly be a head turner, especially if you opt for the opulent, decorated, stain glass windows the art deco era is known for.


If your design preferences border on creative, then Craftsman architectural styles might be the best pick for your luxury home. In these home styles, natural materials like wood, stone, and brick are combined with large porches and low roofs. These home styles also feature wide-open floor plans inside the building so you can adorn your home with quality design finishes and decorative furniture.


Contemporary mostly refer to our modern building styles. These home styles vary greatly in design and appearance but these homes mostly focus on connecting the indoor space and outdoor areas perfectly so you can achieve the highest level of comfort and home efficiency. For a meticulous mind – if you are a planner, a lover of up-to-date modern style,  or if you’re open to experimentation in design based on your custom needs, contemporary designs may be for you.


Colonial styles date back to the 1600s and were especially popular in America. These home styles are known for their symmetry and evenly proportioned windows and doors. The style is not yet common in Perth but can be a good investment if you are looking for a home style that will stand out amongst so many contemporary designs.

Mid-Century Modern

Between 1945 and 1980 modern architects loved to create bold and unique designs. Mid-Century Modern architecture mostly features flat planes, huge glass windows and most of these homes are designed to integrate nature inside the building.

French Provincial

If you want a luxury home with romantic appeal then French Provincial is the right architectural style for you. This design is inspired by the French countryside and even modern luxury homes with this style feature plenty of steep roofs and symmetrical proportions.

Greek Revival

A Greek style home with plenty of tall columns and pediments, bold moldings and a symmetrical shape might be a good idea for a very functional luxury home that is bound to stand out. This home trend doesn’t feature plenty of bold colours and doesn’t need to – with elegant, shades of white and ivory on your exteriors; your home will be bound to make a powerful impression.


Modern home styles are usually inspired by some form of historical movement and as such these homes are usually pretty unique. A modern home can make your home look very authentic and will fit right in with Perth’s latest home design trends.
While these architectural styles are very specific, there is no rule that says you cannot simply use these styles as inspiration for an ultimately new, fresh and unique luxury home design. You can alter, modify and combine any architectural style you want for the ultimate home of your dreams.