Custom Homes


Turn your custom home design ideas into a reality with Domination Homes. We offer an exclusive range of new home designs, that are designed to suit our client’s specifications and to cater to any lifestyle.

the vogue

The Vogue

The Viking

the platinum

The Platinum

The Serenity

The Orbis

The Immaculate

The Craftsman

The Francis

The Alexandar

the wright

The Wright

the retreat

The Retreat

The Leighton

The Sediment

the entertainer

The Entertainer

The Charpente

The Parkview - Domination Homes - Luxury Home Builders
The Parkview - Domination Homes - Luxury Home Builders

The Parkview

The Graphic

the regal

The Regal

the metro

The Metro

The Cue

the floreat

The Floreat

the ocean view

The Ocean View

The Marbella

the hallmark

The Hallmark

The Millstream

Domination Homes - Luxury Home Builders
Domination Homes - Luxury Home Builders

The Lancaster

the beachside

The Beachside

the capital

The Capital

The Opal

The Hampton - Domination Homes - Luxury Home Builders

The Hampton

Franklin House - Domination Homes - Luxury Home Builders
Franklin - Domination Homes - Luxury Home Builders

The Franklin

Domination Homes - Luxury Home Builders
Domination Homes - Luxury Home Builders

The Seaside

the ashen

The Ashen

Domination Homes - Luxury Home Builders
Domination Homes - Luxury Home Builders

The Oasis

The Amalfi

Custom Home Designs Perth

Looking for the next generation of home design ideas in Perth?

As one of Perth’s leading custom home designers, we have built our solid reputation by showcasing the highest standards when it comes to quality, workmanship, planning and building double and single storey homes. Our craftsmanship is reflected in everything we do, standing by our designed on innovation, built on tradition approach.

Combining talent with custom design ideas in the building industry we specialise in:

Custom Home Designs

Luxury Home Designs

Dominations Homes – Perth’s premiere luxury custom home builders.

Building a custom home requires an open and flexible approach from the very beginning. That is why we have developed a unique process that is tailored to meet your needs. Our design and construction service as custom home builders in Perth are second to none. We are known for our commitment to quality and dependability. We are proud to put our name to every project we complete, knowing it bears our trademark of high standards. With unique designs and custom finishes, we create luxury Perth homes with our clients’ satisfaction top of mind. Our precise attention to detail ensures we deliver homes of the highest standards. We are confident that your custom Domination Home will not only amaze -it will also exceed your expectations.

We understand that your home must be exceptional. And that the experience of building your dream custom home should be enjoyable and exciting. This is why we take the time out to speak to you and your family, as well as keeping you updated throughout the entire process from design to construction.


Interested in working with Domination Homes for your next custom home building project? Find out why Domination Homes is such a respected Perth Builder and enquire today.


There are three key reasons that our clients value our services:

  • We build with superior quality materials and deliver custom homes that are faultless in every respect. Our custom home builders ensure your investment retains its value long after construction is complete
  • Established in 1980, our decades of experience means that you can remain confident that we have the infrastructure and experience to deliver on our promises.
  • We can tailor a building to best suit your individual requirements, ensuring that your new home fits your needs, schedule and budget.


Domination Homes is a Perth based company providing expert building and construction services across a wide geographic area. We service all Perth Metro areas.