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The Millstream

The Millstream is a bright, lively family home built to adapt and grow with the client’s family.

The Millstream


The Millstream is memorable from the moment you arrive. The feature cladding is subtle, helping to break up the elevation and introduce strong horizontal leading lines drawing the eye upwards.

Essential to any family home is storage, and the Millstream is filled with creative storage solutions. Under-stair storage creates the perfect place to hide the kid’s toys and games when friends come over and make use of otherwise wasted space. Inbuilt storage along hallways and in the bathroom ensures everything has a home, helping the home to feel tidy and neat even with a baby in the house!

The key to this home is creating contrast. The bathrooms use beautiful charcoal and grey tiles, clearly contrasting the rest of the home, but linking back to the palette with neutral wood grains and bright white benches and ceilings. Black fixtures are classy and elegant, timeless with a modern edge.
Living spaces are light and bright, with draping softly filtering natural light and reducing reliance on artificial lighting. Light grey cabinetry’s unique and elegant profile gently contrasts the white of the benches and walls without disrupting the clean and simple palette. Timber-look floors ground the open-plan living, bringing elements of Australia’s beautiful flora into the home, and celebrating its warmth.

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