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Visit our Domination Homes showroom today and experience our industry-leading range of quality designs. Backed by 40 years of experience, we have designed a showroom that caters to all of your building needs, from our wide display of quality inclusions through to our simplified processes and inspiring interior design examples.

The Perfect Guide for Your New Home

The Domination Homes showroom makes you feel like your future home is a tangible reality. Within this award-winning showroom, you will make your selections and create your colour palette with the help of your Pre-Start Consultant, bringing you one step closer to your new home. This is achieved in our contemporary-style fit out, designed with the use of our standard inclusions so that you can see the potential of our suppliers’ products. This allows you to experience at a larger scale how possible products will feel in your home.

The showroom features all of our standard inclusions, as well as some upgrades. We support our suppliers by allowing them to show their products to clients in a way that best suits their brand, ensuring clients experience all they have to offer. Our showroom is constantly being updated by our Showroom Manager and suppliers, allowing us to offer clients the latest products by removing any discontinued products.

Key features of our showroom:

A kitchen, bathroom and tile display to ensure you are making educated decisions on your new home.
Communicate directly with your Pre-Start Consultant who will become your Client Liaison up until handover.
Interior design mood boards for your inspiration
Finalists of the HIA 2021 Colorbond Perth Showroom Excellence Award, noted for our distinctive, client-focused approach to showroom design.

Zones of the Showroom


The kitchen display allows clients to experience potential inclusions offered by Domination Homes . Unsure of how a mirrored splashback or overhead cupboards would look in your home? Our full size kitchen features unique integrated upgrades to allow clients to make an educated decision when selecting inclusions for your home.


Our bathroom display contains our standard bathtubs, toilets, basins and other large inclusions to allow clients to properly understand the size, look and feel of the product before opting to use it in their home. Built into the showroom, we have included frequently requested structural upgrades such as a shower nook to allow you to understand and visualise the amount of storage space it provides. We believe that such attention to detail in the Pre-Start phase is what makes us stand our as Perth’s quality builders.

Tile Hub

Our newest addition to the showroom, the Tile Hub, allows clients to experience the full range of standard tiling options as well as popular upgrades. Your Pre-Start Consultant will support you in choosing what is best for the interior of your home, with benchtop aids to help you visualise how your selections will work together.

Taking the Hassle out of Pre-Start Selections

We strive to ensure that building your new home with us is as easy, convenient and efficient as possible. This is achieved with the help of our interior and exterior design templates, designed with you in mind by our knowledgeable team. They are intended to provide clients with a framework when making their selections to help make the process feel less daunting. Alternatively, you are able to include the already pre-made selections into your home.

To assist, our team have even curated pull-out boards with products and samples on them for your convenience, allowing you to view samples in a simple and succinct manor, ensuring the process is comfortable for you.

Personalised Interior Design Service

Feel inspired to perfect your dream home with our personalised interior design service. Choosing all of the quality inclusions and fittings for your new home can be an overwhelming process, so we strive to ensure that the process is as streamlined as possible. We offer a personal interior design service for clients wo are struggling to visualise their new home and the products they would like to feature in it.

Award-winning interior designer, Jodi Balhorn, and our professional Pre-Start team have created interior and exterior design templates for your convenience. Together, we have captured a range of styles and products for you to choose from, ranging from classical appearances to modern farmhouse aesthetics. These palettes have been visualised on physical mood boards so that you can touch and feel the potential textures of your new home. Drawing from over 40 years of design experience, we’ve included items from both our standard and upgraded options to allow clients to visualise the full scope of what we have to offer.

in our Showroom

At Domination Homes, we are passionate about building quality homes built with our clients in mind. We understand very deeply that building a home can be a challenging milestone.

That’s why we are excited to offer a free design consultation to anyone interested in building their very own dream home!

It’s simple; join us for a two-hour consultation with our award-winning Principal Designer and they will ideate with you and see how we can help make your dream home a reality. From there, it is your choice to move forward and have our designer develop a design for you. The price for this additional process is on application.

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