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The Lancaster

The Lancaster is the family home – elevated. With a spiral staircase, beautiful wood finishing and a unique layout, it is certainly a standout home.

The Lancaster


Unique in its grandeur, the Lancaster’s neutral colour palette has ensured the home remains classy and elegant. From the moment you enter the home, a sweeping spiral staircase invites guests into the home and guides the eye upwards to appreciate the stunning double height ceiling. Brown, oak and cedar accents are evident throughout the home, inviting warmth into the space.

The home has been designed to act functionally for families, addressing the client’s unique needs. An office is located by the front door, ensuring simple access for their clients. Ample storage has been allocated to each room to help keep the home tidy. The client and their family value spending time together, so a large tiered theatre with a large bar provides the perfect place to relax together and watch a movie. A play room for kids has been designed with the parents in mind, with a window to the living room ensuring they can keep an eye on their little ones whilst they are playing.

Upstairs, the bedrooms are spacious, ensuring plenty of space and storage to make the most of their space. The master suite is commodious, with a large shower and spa inviting hotel luxury into the home. The three kids rooms share a bathroom, creating a kids hub away from the parents.

Other notable features: 3-car garage, Activity area upstairs, Built in alfresco BBQ with a hot plate and sink

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