Building Your New Home- Fears And Facts


With over 40 years’ experience in the custom home building industry, we still see people reluctant to create their dream home because of fears and misinformation surrounding the process. We have shared the 6 most common fears about building a custom home and how Domination Homes eliminates them.

Building your new home- Fears and Facts

Fear no. 1: Custom homes cost far more than pre-built homes.

Communication is key here and at Domination Homes we understand that every person has a different budget. This is why we take the time with each client to go through the whole building process from design to contracts and support so that nothing is left to the unknown. Choose your maximum budget for the build and we will work with you to ensure you stay inside your range for your luxury home.


Fear no. 2: It takes too long to build a home.

Building a home does take time but from the minute we welcome you on board, we make sure that you know exactly what timeframe is needed for the build from the plot selection to the key handover. This way you can plan in advance and stay up to date with the process every step of the way. Additionally, we are always up front with the project management of your home. So if there is a delay, we will be the first to let you know.


Fear no. 3: Building a custom home is too stressful.

We know how stressful building or buying a home can be and so we are proud of the difference in service we offer to our clients knowing that they can embark on their new home journey stress free. From the get go, Domination Homes provides a dedicated client liaison officer for support throughout the process. With Domination Homes, you’ll never be alone in the process.


Fear no. 4: Custom home builders are all the same.

In the current digital era, it is easier than ever to research and compare home builders now. If your dream home is luxury and one of a kind, then look for a team who reflect those values also. Domination Homes have over 40 years’ experience and connection in the industry so you can relax knowing that your dream home will come to life in reliable hands. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have said about their journey with us.


Fear no. 5: I need to know about home design to build one.

While you have probably spent hours on sites like Pinterest, pinning your favourite home design features and saving photos of colour schemes you love. The simple answer is no. You do not need to be a designer to build your custom dream home. The professional team at Domination Homes walks you through the design process offering expert advice and guidance on flooring choices to tapware. You can even head to our own Pinterest board today and get some inspiration.

 Building your new home- Fears and Facts


Fear no. 6: I won’t know what my home will look like until its done.

Our display homes are a perfect starting point for visualising what your dream home might reflect and may even inspire some design ideas of your own. Then once your plans are approved, we will provide you with your very own 3D virtual tour of your furnished dream home. You can experience every detail of your home and even take it home on USB so you can show it off to friends and family. We put your mind at ease so your dream home can become a firm reality.


These fears are sometimes the only things holding you back from owning the custom home of your dreams. We hope that by laying the truths out, you get peace of mind about the home building journey and how exciting it really is. Eliminate those fears and contact Domination Homes now to get your dream home journey started knowing that you are in the best hands.