Designing Your Custom Master Wardrobe


One of the first things homeowners think about when they hear the words ‘custom design’ is a master wardrobe, and for good reason. Too many homes have inadequately-sized wardrobes that are barely functional and incredibly frustrating. Wouldn’t you love a wardrobe that has everything you need in your next home? With custom luxury homes by Domination Homes, you can have the wardrobe of your dreams. Here’s what you should keep in mind when designing your next custom wardrobe.


Storage is Essential

While you want your new master wardrobe to be beautiful and elegant, you also want to make sure it’s functional. Storage should be your number one priority when you’re designing a custom wardrobe. Be sure to include ample shelving, racks, and ideally a nice hutch that includes plenty of drawers and counter space. When you have ample storage, your wardrobe won’t look as cluttered and disorganised. The more storage you have in your space, the better.
Designing Your Custom Master Wardrobe


Maximise Your Space

The best wardrobes are ones that really maximise on space – that means thinking about using floor to ceiling space for storage and decor. Utilise as much wall space as you can for hutches, racks, and shelving so you can use the central wardrobe space for something else. If your custom wardrobe is big enough and you use the space wisely, you can add a small seating area or decorative table in the centre of the room or use the space for additional storage if you need it.


Think Big

Bigger is always better when it comes to custom wardrobes. We’ve seen too many wardrobes that are far too small – in fact, some are so small that they can barely be used. You deserve a large master wardrobe that you’re not stressed about. Give yourself enough space so your wardrobe can easily store all of your things while still looking stylish.


Everything Has Its Place

One of the best tips for designing your master wardrobe is to take an inventory of what you already own to see how much space you need. By mapping out what you have, you can then create a custom wardrobe that fits your exact needs. Find a place for everything in your designs so you can be sure it will work for you.


Sharing is Caring

While it may be tempting to design your master wardrobe just for yourself, sharing with your spouse or partner is always recommended. Nobody likes to have to use a smaller wardrobe in another room, and designing the space together is a great bonding experience. Two people sharing the wardrobe gives you the perfect excuse to make the wardrobe even bigger.


Don’t Forget Lighting

When upgrading your wardrobe, lighting is essential. If your custom wardrobe is large enough to walk into, you’ll want to make sure you have enough lighting to make the space feel comfortable. Not enough light can make the space look dark and cramped. We can help you choose the perfect lighting for your new master wardrobe.


Partner with the Best

Our top tip for designing your new master wardrobe is to partner with the best custom home designers in the business. We are passionate about turning dreams into reality, and our team of expert designers can do just that. From initial concept designs to the moment you get your keys and beyond, we are going to be with you every step of the way on your custom home journey. For more information on what our team can do for you or to set up a consultation with one of our design specialists, contact the team at Domination Homes today. (Link to contact form)