Energy Efficient Homes For The Modern Family


The lucky country – Australia is considered to be one of the best places to live globally thanks, in large part, to our fantastic weather.

However, the resplendent sun that graces us with its presence year-round can actually contribute to the high energy bills we face at our homes, particularly in modern homes with all of the necessary mod cons.

Australian residential customers pay the highest power prices in the world, according to the Financial Review, Australians pays two to three times more than our friends in the United States.

Thus, it makes sense that many Australians are looking at ways to make their homes more energy efficient. Energy efficient design is, in fact, a great investment for the future. Sustainable homes have a higher overall resale value than home that don’t place an emphasis on energy efficiency.

To create a truly energy efficient home, you must work with your builder to set this as an objective. Whilst it may mean that you are paying some additionally up-front costs, it can really help to save money on your electricity bill. There are also a number of energy efficiency tax rebates you might be eligible for.

The most efficient homes combine the best practice in construction, appliances and lighting, with other commercially-available renewable energy systems, such as solar water heating and solar panel electricity system.

How can I create an energy-efficient home?


Consider the layout

There are a number of small ways that you can create energy efficiency in your home. The first thing is to look at natural lighting; putting a focus on natural lighting to ensure that you are reducing the amount of artificial lighting you need. Additionally, some other things to consider are cross-flow ventilation, and heating and cooling opportunities that can be designed specifically for your block.


Find the best appliances

Installing energy-efficient lighting can significantly reduce your energy costs. At Domination Homes, we pride ourselves on using only the best finishes available, and have an extensive range of fluoro and LED lights that can still be elegant, yet functional. There are also a range of toilets, taps and shower heads that can impact energy use in the home. When fitting out your home, it is worthwhile to look for the most energy-efficient white goods and appliances, which will only further assist the process of increasing your efficiency.

Energy efficient homes for the modern family


Landscaping with the best

There is a lot to be said for good landscaping, particularly landscape that has a focus on energy efficiency. A well-designed outdoor area is more than just aesthetics, it can also help you reduce heating and cooling costs. It is important to work with landscapers who are professionals in the business, which is a pre-requisite for Domination Homes. The most important thing is to consider your home’s climate, wind and any shade when considering your landscape design.

For more information on how to create an energy efficient home, contact us today.