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The Lumiere invites a new standard of living to the Perth residential market, understanding the importance of simple, elegant design and executing it beautifully.



The home features cubic construction creating an interesting façade. A breeze block wall on the balcony acts not only as a unique statement but to block excessive wind from entering the home, a mesmerising statement.

The front of the home facilitates large office and studio spaces, optimising opportunities to work from home in complete comfort. An adjacent guest suite provides a private space to ensure visitors feel completely comfortable within the home.

An enchanting element of the home is, interestingly, the lift. The designers have turned a practical element into a statement, wrapping the utility in a feature staircase. This clever design turns circulation into a selling point, and add to the character of the home.

Within the home, there is a strong between indoor and outdoor living spaces, enforcing a sense of seamless hybridised living. Large bi-fold doors connect the home to its exterior, completely transforming the home during the summer months.

Another standout element of the home is the large theatre and bar. This unique feature turns the Lumiere into the entertainer’s dream, the perfect place to relax and watch a movie with friends and family.

Other notable features:

  • Spacious kitchen
  • Wood fireplace
  • Open plan living

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