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The Noble is an incredible new home design, packed with client-specific features to create their dream home.



The Noble is an extraordinary home design that transcends the boundaries of luxury and functionality. The ground floor seamlessly integrates a dance studio, a serene prayer room, and a well-appointed office, ensuring that every member of the family’s unique needs are met. This distinctive customisation ensures that the home resonates with the family’s essence, reflecting both their cultural traditions and professional aspirations.

The informal study zone overlooks the glistening pool, offering an inspiring view that fosters creativity and productivity. This haven is tailor-made for those who thrive in stimulating environments and draw inspiration from nature’s beauty. It beautifully links the living and kitchen zones, each with its own luxurious finishes to suit the clients.

As you step outside, an alfresco and outdoor space connects the home to nature, inviting your family to relish in the joys of outdoor living. For a family that treasures time together and the open air, this space serves as an idyllic retreat where memories will be created.

Luxury is a hallmark of The Noble. Spacious bedrooms are adorned with ensuites, offering unparalleled comfort and privacy for every member of the family. Most bedrooms are thoughtfully accompanied by generous walk-in robes, providing ample space for your prized possessions and attire. These opulent bedrooms create personal sanctuaries, offering an oasis of calm amidst the bustling rhythms of life.

A hangout area and gym provide the clients with an additional layer of everyday luxury. This dedicated space enables residents to complete their exercise routines from the comfort of their own haven, ensuring that health and well-being are always within arm’s reach.

Other notable features:

  • Three-car garage, with access to park two additional cars within the property
  • Scullery to simplify cooking and hide any mess when entertaining guests.
  • Drop zone including a laundry chute, powder room and laundry access to keep functional elements of the home hidden but easily accessible.

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