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The Masonry

Stage 1

The Masonry is a home aptly named after the beautiful brickwork featured in the home’s design. The design uses a combination of face brick and rendered brick finishes to add warmth to the exterior of the home, ensuring it suits its context in one of Perth’s heritage suburbs. Within this stage, the two contrasting types of bricks become more evident, one course face bricks and two course rough. Single course brick is your typical brick size and is being used for more double brick homes in this area. It also creates a great feature on the home. Double course brick verticlay bricks are used wherever the brickwork will not be seen and the external walls are plastered with cement render. Verticlay bricks are faster for the bricklayer to lay and are known as common bricks. A lintel can also be seen spreading over the alfresco, allowing a large opening to be achieved elegantly with structural support for the face bricks to continue over the opening.

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