Living Large On A Narrow Lot


Perth block sizes are shrinking; and shrinking fast. Narrow lot subdivisions are growing in popularity, particularly in established near-city areas closer to the Perth CBD. These suburbs are desirable, and thus it is important that in order to create the home of your dreams on these narrow lots, you speak to the professionals.

The team at Domination Homes loves working creatively. Narrow lots mean more ways to be creative. There are a number of ways to create your dream home on a narrow lot. Our range of homes can be adapted and changed in order to fit onto narrow frontages. Domination Homes can create stylish narrow lot homes, without forgoing any of your luxurious and stylish requirements. Our company believes narrow lots should not be a barrier to create an amazing home.

Natural lighting

As block sizes begin to shrink, it is very challenging to set yourself space between your home and your neighbour’s. In order to create open, airy spaces in your home, it is important to use a lot of natural lighting. The team at Domination Homes is experienced in creating open spaces using natural lighting as a signature feature.

High ceilings

Narrow doesn’t mean small. High ceilings can create open spaces in your home and make each room feel more spacious and luxurious. Logistics permitting, our team would work to create high ceilings, and voids above the entrance spaces to make your home feel more inviting.

Open plan all the way

It is very important in homes built on a narrow lot that you reduce the amount of “dead space”. Dead space is defined as any part of the home that is not actively used in your home. Open plan living is the best way to truly utilise every ounce of space in your home. Our team will create a flow through your entire home, and will likely create a living space that combines dining, kitchen, living and alfresco to give the illusion of large spaces.

Smart storage

Building a narrow lot home does not mean you have to forgo storage space. However, in order to maximise the use of space, it is important to think up or down. Adding an attic, or a basement to your home is the perfect way to ensure your storage space does not take up valuable living space. Your Domination Homes design consultant has the experience to help you maximise storage space, regardless of the size of your block.

Add a balcony

The important thing to remember with narrow lot living can still equal luxury. Adding a balcony extension upstairs can add valuable living space on the externals of a property. Not only does this look fantastic as part of any good elevation, it also works to capture any views you may have.

The right configurations

Our design team has worked on a plethora of block sizes, orientations and with many different Perth councils, so we are adept at creating homes unique to their location. This means that we understand the right configurations to make narrow lot homes work, regardless of how narrow the lot truly is.

Talk to the team at Domination Homes about creating a masterpiece on your narrow lot in Perth. As the experts in the Perth building industry, we understand just how to create that modern masterpiece you’ve been dreaming about.