Maintaining Your Luxury Home


Just like everything else in your life, your luxury home needs regular check-ups to maintain its excellence and luxury. Protecting your investment is just as important as anything else. It makes sense to take pride in your home, as it will be with you for a long time. Carrying out regular maintenance on your luxury home is also important for its re-sale value. ​

But where to begin? The maintenance required for a luxury home is quite different from a normal home. You need to look at three different factors; aesthetics, structure and value.

Doors & Floors

 In terms of keeping your home in a great condition for the long-term, it is important to ensure that your doors and floors are kept in pristine condition. It is recommended that you check the operation of your door every three to six months, or more regularly if you use them frequented. Whilst you are carrying out this maintenance, it is recommended that you clean the guide track (based on the specific type of door utilised). You should also look at any hinges, springs, locks and opener chains and ensure they are properly lubricated. Lubricating these doors is going to ensure there is no friction as they continue to open and close. For doors with steel or another similar material, it is wise to clean the door with clean water and a cloth at least every 14 days. This will result in less build up around the areas of the door.

In terms of stone floors, you should also be cleaning these regularly with a natural stone soap cleaner, which are specifically designed to leave a protective shield every time you clean. To help the floors retain their beauty over time, be scrupulous about sand and dirt, and ensure you are regularly dust mopping your floor. Remember to always dry your stone floors after you do a clean. Also ensure that you never use any kind of acidic cleaner on your stone floors (be wary of its pH levels).

The view from the curb

 In terms of maintaining the re-sale potential of your home, it is important to ensure that everyone has a great first impression. Additionally, you also want to ensure that you are maintaining all of the externals of the home well. This includes maintaining the landscaping; the worst thing that detracts from the splendour of a home is marking on the external walls, staining on water features and overgrown grass. It is important to ensure that you are regularly maintaining the outdoor areas of your homes.

Given the extreme weather conditions of the Australian sun, it also makes sense to power wash your driveway regularly to ensure the area is clear of any debris, leaves, sand or excess water.

Other things to consider:

Do you have a fireplace? If you have a fireplace in your home, it should be cleaned at least once a year. This can be done by a professional or by yourself.

Do you live near the beach? Salt water can be the most damaging thing for the exterior of your home, including any decking or alfresco area. Be sure to regularly clean all of your external windows and decking if you live near the beach to ensure that you do not let summer wreak havoc on your home.

Do you have a young family? Whilst children are life’s greatest pleasure, they can also be a danger to any luxurious elements of your home. Be sure to create rules surrounding cleanliness, including “no food zones”, and leaving any muddy or dirty items at the door. This will avoid dragging dirt through the home that can get stuck in difficult-to-clean places.


All advice on cleaning is general, and you should consult a professional before using any product on elements in your home.