Narrow Lot Living


Narrow Lot Living

Our beautiful city of Perth is ever growing and expanding, and the size of residential blocks are becoming increasingly smaller to accommodate. Narrow lots are growing in popularity, inspiring a new perspective when designing a home which opens the door to fresh and creative ways to live in luxury.


Our designers and builders are learning new ways to fully utilise a narrow block to its full potential, and below we’ve highlighted all the positives to this new approach to building and why we love it.


1. Luxury Views

If you can’t build out, you can always build up. In fact, we recommend exploring the options of a multi-storey home when building on a narrow lot. Adding luxury with each level, this also allows your home to take advantage of the beautiful views Perth has to offer. Whether it be our vibrant city or Indian Ocean blues, a second (or third) level to your home allows you the chance to enjoy daily vistas that many can only dream of.

Narrow Lot Living

2. Location Desirability

Finding a block large enough to meet all of your dream home requirements in your ideal location can be tricky, especially when you have your sights set on an inner city or coastal location.


Opening your options to the possibility of a narrow lot can also open more opportunities to snap up land in these premium destinations. When you build with Domination Homes you can be assured that narrow lot living will not deter from the design and integrity of your custom home, so you can extend your land searches to locations you had previously thought impossible.


3. Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Maintaining a large garden can be a tiring task that our busy lives don’t have time to manage. Plus, large outdoor areas can take away crucial space from your home design.


Instead, let Domination Homes design you a luxurious outdoor living space which seamlessly unites with your interior. These spaces are perfect for the home entertainer. And why not incorporate an outdoor kitchen into your design, adding a true touch of luxury.


Our latest display home, The Residence, demonstrates how you can seamlessly blend indoor with outdoor, while still making the most of your narrow lot or small lot. 

Narrow Lot Living

4. High Ceilings Mean Natural Lighting

Open plan living is something to strongly consider when building on a narrow lot. Open plan designs can really open up an area and give the illusion of space and flow within a home. Embrace all the natural light on offer and speak to your designer about incorporating high ceilings or two storey voids in your home.


Further to this, choose large glass windows running from floor to ceiling, and bi-folding French glass doors to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. Take a look at how The Residence uses all of these design techniques to create open and natural lit spaces which are perfect all year around.


Don’t let narrow lot living compromise on the luxury of having a sheltered garage to keep your prized possessions safe. Speak to our designers about a custom home which incorporates a below-ground garage, achievable with our market leading building technologies.

Narrow Lot Living

Overall, the perks of building on a narrow lot can outweigh any qualms you may initially have. With our society constantly moving toward the idea of going out to enjoy our beautiful city, the need for a giant backyard isn’t a necessity anymore. Our specialised team of designers and builders are here to help you get the very most out of your land and bring your dream home to life in a location you may have never thought possible. Discover our full selection of custom built homes to be amazed at how diverse and beautiful your narrow lot build can be.