Our Steps to Designing a Luxurious Home Theatre in Perth


Why go to the movies when you can bring the movies to you with a home theatre?

There is no better way to enjoy watching a movie than in the comfort of your own home. No need to line up to buy your movie tickets, you don’t have to worry about being late and missing out on parts of the movie. On top of that, no noisy movie patrons talking through the important parts.

Designing your very own luxurious home theatre in Perth gives you confidence that there will be both minimal distraction and fewer hassles. Without further ado, here are Domination Homes tips for creating the perfect home theatre in your Perth home.

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Consider the size of your room.

The first and most essential step to designing your luxurious home theatre is to consider the size of the room. You will need to identify which room in the house you will use and how the furniture and home theatre system will fit into the room. Will it be a tight fit or far too big? Remember that a luxurious home is cosy; you want it neither too small nor too big but the perfect size. When deciding on the size of your room, consider the proximity of your seating to the screen.

There is something to be said about soundproofing.

It is essential when having a home theatre to make the room soundproof. To achieve complete comfort, you want to be watching your action movies in full volume. You want to be immersed in the film, but you also do not want neighbours making complaints of excessive noise. Your best bet is to install acoustic wall panels to block out the excess noise and carpeting the floors throughout the theatre. This not only decreases the amount of noise leaving the room but adds to the overall comfort of your home theatre.

When in doubt, go for comfort. Ensure the space is cosy. 

A luxurious home theatre is not luxurious if it does not have a comfortable seating arrangement. Your home theatre aims to enjoy your movie with no hassles in between. If you are going to sit down watching a movie for at least two hours, you want to be sitting on a soft and cosy seat. The best choice for home theatres are reclining chairs with cup holders to place drinks.

Our advice on choosing your home theatre system.

What makes a luxurious home theatre is its home theatre system. Without a decent system in place, you are merely watching a movie on the TV. Your home theatre system should have a high-quality TV or projector and a great surrounding sound system for the optimal experience.

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