Signs You Are Outgrowing Your Home


Signs you are outgrowing your home

The home is where the heart is, but what happens when you start to outgrow your current living space? At Domination Homes we understand that over the course of your life, your home requirements will change. Luckily, we have identified some of the key signs that it could be time to move out of your current home and embark on the path of building your dream home.



Is your home starting to look darker as time goes on? This could be because of a dated design which features fewer windows than a modern home (like the kind we can build you). So, if you are finding yourself constantly walking into dark spaces and your eyes have to adjust as you go from the bedroom to the hallway, it might be time to consider a change!



Are you challenged on space? It might be that you are finding your extra-large house now seems too big without all your children in it. Maybe your growing brood of children requires an extra bedroom and a theatre room to keep them entertained. Or maybe you just need extra space in the home so that everyone can peacefully have their own space to relax, think games rooms, a walk-in wardrobe fit for a queen and a private study!

Signs you are outgrowing your home


Possibly you live too far away from work and a commute that was once bearable, now seems like mission impossible every day. Maybe your picture-perfect neighbourhood now has apartment buildings popping up and you need a sea change. These are all signs it might be time to move on and find your next dream block.




You look for inspiration anywhere other than your home and you also take leisurely drives to suburbs you’d rather live in. On top of this, you currently search for new home inspiration across sites like Pinterest and Instagram to try and figure out exactly what you are looking for!


New home talk

Are you constantly talking about what it would be like to build your dream home? Then it’s time to move on!

Signs you are outgrowing your home

All the signs above mean that it could be time you come and speak to the team at Domination Homes. From your initial meeting with our expert team, you’ll realise that we are truly ahead of the game when it comes to building your dream luxury home.


The process of building your dream home is one we understand that you won’t take lightly, and we are here to deliver the best possible product to you at the end of the journey. To find out more about this process contact us today. Curious to find out from our clients direct? Click here.