The Residence

The Residence

At Domination Homes, we aim to constantly challenge ourselves to improve on our work time and time again. This is embodied in our new display home – The Residence. To be built on Glenelg Street in Applecross, this modern, supremely luxurious home features all the inclusions typical in a Domination Homes masterpiece, but has all been taken one step further.

In order to appeal to both the man and the woman who are likely to fall in love with this home, we have been sure to include focal points that cater to both. In true Sex and the City style, a more-than-generous walk in robe is featured in the master bedroom, the entirety of which feels far more like a 5-star hotel suite than a family home. This is complemented by the amazing ensuite, with a free-standing bath, double basins and a massive shower, all of which ooze opulence. As for any gentlemen walking through The Residence, the cellar is sure to be a talking point. We have invested in order to integrate this feature seamlessly into the design, in order to offer something that very few other homebuilders would even attempt. The sheer elegance of the cellar adds to the house perfectly fits within the style throughout the home, and further promotes the professional, yet family-oriented design.

A feature of The Residence that could easily appeal to both men and women who see this amazing home is the expansive outdoor area. Featuring an integrated pool and fantastic timber decking, this is a part of the house that just about everyone could imagine living in and entertaining in. The flow from the house to the outdoor area and indeed to the pool provides even more focal points that testify to the sheer elegance of this design, whilst being totally uncompromising on functionality. Including all of these focal points is something that we are proud to offer, because we know that you would be proud to show these off to your friends as you take them through your amazing new home.

The Residence truly stands out with its use of materials, from flooring to benchtops, even to smaller fixtures. Timber flooring features throughout the ground floor, and is also utilised for the cabinets, while exquisite stone benchtops are integrated with the sweeping design of the kitchen ceiling. All of this is punctuated with warm colours, ensuring an inviting and comforting feel throughout the home. A very luxurious feature of this home that has to be seen to be believed is the inclusion of European tapware. This is a prime example of the class and opulence that we have sought to include in this home, whilst also bringing in the latest in Australian and European design and style. The roofline that frames this amazing home is also a stunning feature, where the sleek, slimline profile accentuates the modern feeling of the property. This ensures a lasting and positive first impression of the design, one which is only improved upon as you step into the home.

The Residence is a home that we are truly proud of, and believe that it serves as a physical rendition of the direction we are headed in as a luxury homebuilder – a trajectory of improvement. We have strived to include something for everyone in this house, whilst maintaining a consistently warm feel, one which strikes the perfect balance between family and professional ambience. The cutting-edge design, up-to-date material and stunning inclusions truly set this home apart from others in Applecross and indeed Perth as a whole, something which we aim to emulate as a company.