The Selection Process


The Selection Process

Deciding to build the home of your dreams is an exciting adventure and here at Domination Homes, we have made the selection process a personalised experience to be enjoyed. The selection process is truly a key part of finalising your home and seeing the design really come to life. Our stunning selection showroom is filled with plenty of high quality and luxury items that will make your home one of a kind.

Our clients first come into contact with the selection showroom once they have their first initial design meeting. This enables our team to really get a sense for who they are and what the home will need to reflect.

Once the home design has been finalised, the exciting part happens. We provide pricing, specifications are given, documentation prepared and the signing of the preparations plan agreement. This allows for a 3% investment that allows for working drawings to help begin the selection process.

The Selection Process

Here at Domination Homes, we offer an extremely competitive investment, with most builders currently requesting 6.5% at this stage and making clients sign a building contract up. This means that all selections and plan changes are carried out after, which can leave clients exposed and accepting of costs that the builder presents without the option of challenging this due to contracts being signed in advanced.

During this process, we are very transparent that your contract is signed after all of your selection and plan changes have been completed so you have a clear understanding of your full costing before signing a building contract.

From here our clients get a one on one meeting with our dedicated prestart consultants. Our highly skilled team will go through your plans in detail, including the externals, internals, bathrooms, kitchen and check all modifications. Going over these plans together allows for our prestart consultants to get a better understanding of the needs and requirements from a personal perspective and helps them find the best solutions for the client’s home.

The Selection Process

Our prestart consultant will guide you through the entire selection process including colour palettes, themes and styles that will uniquely suit each client and custom-built home. This process helps ensure the longevity of the homes and ensures that the finishes are something that the client will love for years to come.

The showroom is truly stocked with some incredible items including a wide variety of standout features. In particular, our clients are always impressed by our free-standing bath range, balustrading, stone bench tops and our unique variety of cabinetry selections.

While we have an incredible selection, we know that each home is as unique as the owners, which is why if you can’t find the perfect piece within our showroom, we will find the perfect piece. Our consultants are experts when it comes to sourcing a unique custom piece for your home and will always strive for the best option to suit your plans.

The Selection Process

The selection process is one of the most exciting parts of any custom home build and we pride ourselves on what our team offers. To see more of our showroom, click here and to find out more about building your dream home with Domination Homes, click here.