The Ultimate Staircase


The Ultimate Staircase

Building the perfect two-storey home requires quality engineering, top-class construction capacity and, of course, a beautiful staircase. Paying special attention to the design of the staircase and making it an architectural feature of a home makes the house much nicer to be in and improves resale value. At Domination Homes, we pride ourselves on including breathtaking staircases in our homes that strengthens the image of the home, and balances style with practicality.

Once upon a time, staircases were predominantly a means to an end, a functional feature in the home which simply got people from the ground floor to the first. However, as time has gone by and construction, fashion and architecture has developed, staircases have evolved into a focal point of the home, where grand entrances and amazing architecture take precedence. This has meant the once-humble stairs have become both practical and visually appealing, and are a much more important part of the home with regards to resale value and liveability.

One important aspect of creating the ultimate staircase is to ensure that it fits in aesthetically with the style of the rest of the home. As a large feature of the home, it makes a huge difference to the overall look of the house how the stairs are presented. If, for example, the house carries an edgy, modern look, it makes sense to install a set of stairs that also takes on that theme such as dark grey carpet contrasted with white railings. More classic homes benefit from staircases with features such as wooden railings and neutral coloured stairs.

Materials are also important to consider in putting in a great staircase. Depending on your own taste, the choice between concrete, slate, carpet or other flooring materials is important in catering well to your lifestyle and providing a visually stunning focal point of your home. Matching the construction and finishing material with the aesthetic theme of your home maintains a semblance of consistency and adds to the visual appeal a staircase can bring. Well thought out combinations of materials add a personal touch, and brings about the uniqueness that makes a house a home.

Concrete stairs hold the benefit of being very durable, as they require no special maintenance to keep them looking fresh. What’s more, concrete stairs can be cast in just about any shape, making it an incredibly versatile material to use. Also, just about any type of flooring can be put over the top of the concrete, whether your preference is towards tile, carpet or otherwise. This versatility has proven very attractive with regards to the use of concrete stairs, making it a staple in many two-storey homes.

As for timber staircases, benefits include weight reduction vs. concrete stairs, while also having a unique visual element that cannot quite be matched by its concrete counterpart. The individuality of the grain in the timber simply cannot be replicated by concrete, hence making it a popular choice for interior staircases. Also, a variety of different types of wood can be utilised for a staircase, including pine, karri, spotted gum, jarrah and oak. Once again, the choice of wood is down to personal preference and the existing style of the home, where creating a visual harmony is achievable with the right timber choice.

The staircase, then, is not only a necessity for a two-storey home, it’s also an important part of the architecture of the house in which it exists. The choice of style and material is crucial for getting the right result, and the reward for doing so is a beautiful staircase in a stunning home.