4 Key Design Factors to Consider for an Art Deco Style Home

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Art deco style, the trending design style of the roaring 20s, has made a comeback.

Almost a century later, the artistic and geometric design style has made its way into 2021.

Our contemporary culture can’t help but recycle the notable design trends that have come from the past. Rich colours, bold geometry, and decadent work are all elements of art deco style which are becoming increasingly popular today.

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The colour scheme of this particular design style consisted of hints of silver, chrome, and black accents throughout the home. These accents would add a touch of extravagance to the bold and striking colours of the furniture and walls. The most popular colours throughout the art deco style were bright yellows, reds, greens, blues and pinks. However, bold colours were not the only everyday aesthetic. Pastel pinks and blues also took commonplace in many homes, and we can see this trend of pastels every day in society today. The variety of colours offered homeowners a great choice for diversity. If they wanted a bold and vibrant home, they could pair the silver, chrome and black accents with the bright, striking colours. If they wanted a home with a more subtle appeal, pastel colours were the most significant addition into their home. Consider these options in your home. Ask yourself, what is your style? Do you want your living space to be vibrant with colour, or do you prefer a subtle hint of colour throughout?


The only subtle aspect of art deco style is lighting. With all of the bright and bold patterns and shapes, a soft and subtle ambience is created through lighting. The most common lighting throughout this period was hanging lamps. They perfectly complement the geometric patterns and shapes of the art style.


A key element for any art deco styled home was symmetry. Geometric shapes and streamlined silhouettes were all part of the extravagance of the roaring 20s. To incorporate this style into your modern home, consider including furniture with streamlined silhouettes. Dome chairs are the perfect example of the art deco style.


This period of time was a time to make statements and be as bold as possible. Animal prints were used throughout art deco, including shark skin and zebra skin. This added a touch of exoticness to the home. Velvet was also trendy as it alluded to a feel of opulence and luxury. An art deco styled home demands confidence. It is strikingly bold and ensures that all elements of the home are beautifully balanced.

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If you are thinking of incorporating this design style into your Perth home, consider these elements and ensure that you include the key elements; geometric patterns, streamlined silhouettes and bold colours. If you have any queries or would like to know more about designing your dream home, feel free to contact us. At Domination Homes, we are here to help all your dream home desires come true.

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