4 Ways to Add Great Value to Your New Home


Are you thinking about building a home?

While it important to ensure your Perth home reflects your personality and your interests, a home should appeal to everyone. If you are planning on this being your forever home, it is always best to plan for the future in the unfortunate event where you need to sell your home.

In Perth, a house that appeals to the public is always one step ahead and more likely to sell.

Evaluate averages in your Perth neighbourhood.

Think about your neighbourhood. What are most of the houses like? How much parking space is provided in each home? How many bedrooms and bathrooms on average does each home have? Investigate these numbers and aim to either match or better them. Your home will be of greater value if it has more spaces than surrounding homes.

Make the outside appearance striking.

Street appeal is essential to attracting buyers and renters. You know the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Your potential buyer will absolutely judge your home by its initial appearance. If your home is not striking or alluring, this could result in many misses. Although, your home may be luxurious and modern on the inside, if it does not match the outer appearance, you could miss out on great investments.

Create a feature that separates you from the crowd.

A house which has all the necessary requirements to live in and carry out everyday tasks is great but a house with special features is like a resort. It characterises your home. The goal here is to have at least one standout feature in your home. This can either be inside your home or the backyard. A spiralling staircase, lighting accents around your home, a beautiful stone wall set in your backyard with water trickling down. The possibilities are endless. Choose a feature that will make your house stand out from the rest.

Design and structure of your kitchen and bathrooms.

The kitchen andbathroom are the two rooms in any home that will make or break any deal. It is crucial that these rooms are up to standards. A modern kitchen and bathroom is often the go-to for many buyers. They want space for cooking and space for storing food and appliances. Space to get ready in the comfort of their own bathroom. If a kitchen is cramped and has little storage space, this can often be a deal breaker. Take careful time into designing your kitchen and bathroom because they are often the selling point of any house.

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