Enhancing your Façade with Industrial Design Elements

One of El’ise Bothe’s biggest mottos is that every piece of furniture or material will or can tell a story.

This thought process aligns beautifully with the raw, authentic appeal of industrial design.

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Raw Elegance

Showcasing raw materials in all their natural beauty. For an industrial façade, think exposed brick, concrete, or weathered wood. These elements offer texture and authenticity, making a powerful statement of organic elegance.

Purposeful Lighting

Lighting, It’s one of my favourite’s when it comes to interior design. Choose industrial-style fixtures with metal finishes, reminiscent of factory settings. These provide essential illumination while enhancing the industrial aesthetic of your façade, light up it up and showcase the natural elements of the materials you select!

Windows as Statements

Windows often serve as statement pieces. For an industrial theme, large, black-framed windows allow for natural light and create a strong visual impact, connecting your home with the industrial era.

The Charm of Metal Accents

Use of unique or vintage accents to add character,. In an industrial façade, elements like iron railings, metal window frames, or a steel door, can lend an immediate industrial flair and lend an extra layer of visual interest.

Embracing Simplicity and Function

As always functionality is at its heart, design of your façade should always remain uncomplicated and functional, allowing the raw materials and industrial elements to shine.

Domination Homes: Making your Industrial Dreams a Reality

By integrating these principles, you can infuse industrial charm into your home’s façade. Let your home tell a rich, industrial narrative through its exterior, blending the simplicity and raw beauty.

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