What’s Trending in Interior Design?

Interior design trends shape how we style and decorate our luxury homes!

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Over the last few years, working remotely has become the new normal for many people. Through the years, interior design trends have evolved, and nowadays there is a focus on creating inspiring spaces within the home.

Here at Domination Homes, we create modern luxury homes in Perth that reflect the desires, lifestyles and behaviours of our clients. They entrust us to provide spaces that fit their needs while continuing to push current trends.

In 2022, custom home design trends are all about creative expression, individuality, and design freedom, with a huge emphasis on creative home offices and the use of space for multifunctional purposes. Our expert prestart styling team is here to help you make choices that perfectly combine form and function to create a timeless style that will never date.

The Domination Homes prestart team has highlighted some of their favourite interior design trends for this year. In this article, we discuss the current trends and how you can incorporate them into your luxury Perth home.

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Luxury Outdoor Living

Utilising Outdoor Areas to Entertain

Sadly, it took a pandemic for some homeowners to realise the value of their backyard. After enjoying of the abundance of outdoor living, there seems to be no rush to return inside.

The trend is for larger, more luxurious outdoor living spaces, with the days of small patios and decks that can only hold a barbeque or a table with an umbrella left behind. Instead, outdoor kitchens, pools, screen-in decks, and plenty of seating are what homeowners want.

Look to create an outdoor space that will make it difficult to choose whether to stay in or go out! Check out our custom home the Cue for inspiration.

Embracing Nature

Connecting your Home to Flora

A biophilic design encourages interaction between indoors and outdoors, focusing on organic design elements such as natural materials (think timber, concrete, and stone), natural light, and ventilation. It can also translate to the use of indoor plants and foliage, as well as fresh flowers. Our custom home the Ocean View, is a great example of incorporating nature into your home.

Earthy Colours

Embracing Modern Tones

This year, embracing natural elements has extended to the colour palette. Dominant colour palettes of soft earthy tones (think greys, olive and eucalyptus greens, as well as warm clay browns). Featured in walls, furniture and cabinetry, this brings a sense of calmness and serenity into any space. Our interior design mood boards can be a great reference and starting point for you to get a cohesive colour palette.

We have noticed natural textures are huge this year, particularly rattan wicker and linen furnishings. For large windows, soft linen curtains and sheer curtains add an element of style and privacy. In bedrooms and living spaces, bold textured walls are a terrific way to make a statement.

Travertine, a smoother option to marble, come back in interior design trends this year. Being both durable and offering warmth, Travertine can be used for flooring and furniture, as well as small homewares and decorative objects.

Multifunctional Spaces

Creating a Home Suited to You

The pandemic has also changed how we live in our custom Perth homes, forcing us to rely more on multifunctional spaces. The multifunctional room will continue to be a key interior design element in 2022 and beyond. You can make the most out of every corner with innovative and clean room-dividing techniques, such as free-standing shelves or slat wall room dividers.

When the whole family is staying at home, we’ve discovered that a smart interior layout is crucial. For those with formal dining spaces, these spaces become home offices and the kids’ classroom. The “flex room” or “flex space” has become for anyone looking to build a custom home. A flex room offers many options, including an extra guest room or a recreation room for the kids, and a place to relax.

The Home Office

Adapting to the New Normal

The trend of working remotely is here to stay, therefore, you must create a workspace specifically designed to maximise your comfort and efficiency when working from home. There are many options for custom home design offices, from a large space that has everything you need to a small desk in your living room. No matter what style you choose, the idea is to make your space enjoyable, while remembering that interior design is not only about aesthetics but also functionality and practicality.

A built-in study corner is the best option for true flexibility. A study nook is ideal as you have a flexible space that can be used for work and doesn’t take up much space in your floorplan. Study nooks work best in areas that are not used often, such as under the stairs.

Proper lighting is also essential in this area, with both task lighting and natural sunlight from a nearby window desired.

Smart Features

Smart Homes Custom Tailored to You

Technologies such as automatic and motion-sensor lighting and smartphone-controlled technology have become more common. Smart appliances are also being used in the kitchen and bathrooms.

We expect to see innovative technologies becoming more common in future designs, such as self-cleaning toilets or autonomous heat-adjusting rain showers.


Simple but Elegant Details

Waves are not just for the ocean, with curves becoming a common part of interior design. They can be found in homewares and furniture, cabinets, headboards, rugs, and other cabinetry. When paired with earthy tones, curves can create a feeling of calm and comfort in any space, which is crucial if we’re spending most of our time in one space. They soften the overall appearance and feel, making living spaces, bedrooms, and outdoor areas feel cosier and more inviting.

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