5 Key Aspects to Remember When Building a Custom Home

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Building a custom home is one of the most exciting and rewarding things a person can do in their life. The checklist is massive and remembering to get everything done can feel like a rollercoaster. We get it.

At Domination Homes, we have seen countless clients over the years and have formulated a bit of a checklist that we see helps with the process. To help you through this exciting period in your life, take a look at the 5 aspects we believe you need to run through during your building journey.

Do your research.

This one goes without saying! It is on top of our list as it is a must. We can’t stress this enough – research your builder! The relationship you have with your builder will mean the difference between a dream home and a mediocre experience. A good custom home builder will have clients singing their praises with a proven track record with an outstanding portfolio. Spark up a dialogue with clients who have used them before, ask them the right questions and ensure you do a deep dive on the internet to see what comes up.

Always have re-sale in the back of your mind.

You might think to yourself, ‘this is my forever home’. But who knows how you will feel in 10-20 years’ time? Think twice before adding very unique and permanent features. We also recommend always keeping the neighborhood’s value in mind. By keeping re-sale in the back of your head, your decisions today will be backed with more intent and foresight.

Try your best to not stress.

Normally, we see panic strike when things start taking real shape and the rooms are look like rooms. However, because of the stage the build is in, what people see is an unfinished version of the final product. This is when stress gets into overdrive and clients jump to conclusions about what the end product will be. Take a breath, relax and trust that you and your builder made the right decisions from the start. Trust the process!

Remember: energy efficiency = money in the bank.

This goes without saying – today’s houses use a lot of energy. There are aircons throughout the house, heated floors, electronic blinds and shutters, multiple computers, tv’s, consoles, gadgets, stereos and not to mention swimming pools. If you are thinking about energy efficiency right from the start, you could save thousands of dollars through some simple choices in design and purchase choices. Ask your builder what they recommend for energy efficiency.

Think about filling the space.

Have you thought about how you are going to best use the space? You might think that you can wait until it’s finished until you start your interior design. We say don’t do that- have a plan! Start thinking practically about what you want in a space and how it will be used right from the get-go.

At Domination Homes, we have been a reputed custom home builder in Perth for several decades. As a result, we have formulated advice to smoothen the ride towards your dream home.

Get in touch with us today and let us begin this exciting journey!