All you need to know about Signing your Contract

What Does a Perth Custom Home Builder’s Contract Entail?

You are now at the final milestone before you start building. The contract signatures.

Since you made your final selections, a lot has happened behind the scenes with planning applications, engineering reports, finance checks, and final planning confirmations, all being completed to get the final contract ready.

Contact is important. It is the agreement between the builder and you, and it is a promise of what they will deliver.

Once again, we are here with our Prestart Consultant and Client Liaison to run through our contract. It’s one of the most exciting parts as we finally get to put all the finishing touches from your selections and plan changes into the contract so we can start building your new home.

As your Perth home builder, at Domination Homes, our goal here is to be as helpful as possible. Your client liaison will always be there to help answer any of your questions, and that’s even during construction.

Once the contract is signed, construction can begin on your custom home design.

What is Included in a Home Building Contract?

Your job now is to review the contract. A contract is legally binding, so there’s no way to change it after you sign it. This should remind you to be careful when reading the contract terms.

  • Payment methods: The client should clearly state the amount owed, the due date, and the method of payment.
  • The schedule: A clear timeline should outline the progress of the project until completion.
  • The scope and cost of the work: This should include labour, materials, and any other requirements necessary to build your custom home design.
  • Exceptional terms and conditions: These clauses account for possible changes in the event of unanticipated events.
  • Design plans: These are plans and specifications that show the layout and design of your house.

The Deliverable

You need to know what you will get when you hire a builder. This will simplify the decision-making process. Although the process is complex, homeowners can simplify the process by knowing the three deliverables they will receive from their builder. These deliverables are:

The result: your dream house!

Services provided: the calibre of labourers and subcontractors who work on your building.

The Experience: From pre-construction through construction and into completion, the experience your builder provides is

Price: The Most Important Factor

Price is the most important factor that people consider when choosing a builder. It is important to find someone who fits your budget, respects your preferences, and will work with you to keep your project within your budget.

Contract Fee

Our approach to building is unique and different to other Perth custom builders. For the cost of finalising plans and any addenda, we ask for a lower upfront fee. Once the final product has been agreed upon, a contract can be signed, and a deposit made. This represents a percentage of the final contract. Our clients are more satisfied with our process. We also believe it is better for custom home building design, where prestart and design choices can have an impact on the cost of the home. Clients are informed in advance about the cost of their new house, so they don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses or budget overruns. We want to make sure you are comfortable throughout every step of the building process.

We value our relationships with clients and strive to earn and maintain their trust from beginning to end.

Advantages to Our Approach

  • The client has the option to choose the material and finishes during the project, rather than prior to it. And you pay the actual price for any selections made.
  • You know what your builder will charge to finish the project.
  • The builder will be transparent about the cost of labour and materials, as well as the options available to you.
  • The builder’s fee is not payable by the client on top of any price increases or upgrade costs.
  • The builder is encouraged to provide a detailed cost estimate and not leave any details.
  • There is no incentive to cut corners or increase the budget.

The Most Effective Client-Builder Relationship

Our method is a way to create a partnership between client and builder that aligns both of their goals. It’s easier for us to trust one another when our priorities are aligned in the builder relationship. It feels like you are on the same team. Spending this much money should be done only if you can trust the people who will make the decisions for you.

Select the Best Builders

It can be very helpful to understand your custom home construction contract. A contract is legally binding. Don’t assume that you can take any risks. Make sure your custom builders are reliable and competent. This will prevent you from making regretful decisions if the Perth home builders you hire are not up to your standards.

Are you ready to sign a contract and get started on your dream custom home? Get in touch with Domination Homes today.