Understanding the design process

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Learn from our Ambassadors

For 2022 Domination Homes would like to welcome back former Blockheads, El’ise and Matt as Ambassadors! The Block 2019 Runners Up are no strangers to creating a functional forever home.  

Following years building and designing luxury homes, the talented duo knows a thing or two about creating your dream space that’s simple and elegant and ticks all the boxes. In the video below they outline how Domination Homes Design Process is the perfect option for Perth homeowners.    

Trust Domination Homes expertise and experience 

As El’ise and Matt found out, we not only build your home, but we also support your home-build journey at every stage.  

As experienced luxury Perth builders, our homes are of the highest quality fit with modern design features including an excellent range of appliances and finishes.  

Get support from start to finish, with our streamlined design process. We ensure that all our clients can enjoy a stress-free, supported experience to becoming a Perth homeowner.  

Whether you are looking to build your dream home or your first home, Domination Homes experienced team can help with it all.  

Start the Journey

In our first meeting we will discuss in detail the Domination building and design process. We believe that it is important that we outline the multistep process with our clients to ensure you have complete understanding of the process.  

First meeting

This is by far the most exciting part, meet with our experienced team to go through all the options available to you.  

Whether you want to hear about the many Domination Homes luxury design options available to you or share your exact dream home design.  Your designer will help you get your custom home design drawn out. A good place to start is by visiting our Perth display homes, to get inspired.  

And don’t worry, unlike other builders we offer friendly and helpful advice, there are no “pushy” salespeople here, making offers that won’t last. As WA home builders we value customer service, so you will always feel completely comfortable and confident that we are working with you to design your dream home. Trust is the foundation of any good relationship, so we consistently aim to foster trust in all we do.  

When we are designing your home, we don’t just look at it as random rooms and spaces, we look far beyond that to the people who will inhabit the space. Your design will be based off the requirements of those living in the space. We want to make sure that the plans satisfy your needs and wants. Our senior designer will inspect your site to completely understand the surroundings and how best to design the home, considering your requirements.  

Creating a great relationship and clear communication is crucial to effectively planning and building your home. Before we begin it’s imperative to get to know one another, talk you through our process, get to know your land, go through expectations and desires around budget. 

From design considerations like orientation, to product/build subtleties and costs, a more educated client will continuously make way better choices. Our obligation is to guarantee you’re as well prepared as can be to begin your project. 

We can assist you purchase the right block, with great aspects, workable slants, and strong soil. We examine potential plan choices for your build as your square shape and measure can influence the sort of house you need to construct.  

To understand all aspects of the project that are important to you, we must get to know you. Here we plan your living zones, functional areas, and outdoor spaces. We suggest you check out our Perth display homes to see what may work for you.  

At this stage we can let you know if your budget and list of requirements can work together. We can help you maximise your budget and ensure money is being spent in the right areas. 

Second meeting

Return to confirm your design. This is an important step as we want to ensure that we get it right.  

At Domination Homes our design team is open and personal. We know how important this process is.  

During the conceptual development we will show you initial floor plan sketches. These sketchers start with a floor plan and then move to the house elevations. It is critical that we get the floor plan right before we move forward. We will present several options and talk you through their pro, cons to help you decide which direction to go in.  

In addition, it is essential t to us that we give you a detailed specification and fully price the job. Our aim is to ensure you have all the information required to move forward with your build.  

Next …

Now your design is complete need to make our tile selections.  

At Domination Homes, you will get to decide exactly what is going to be included in your home with our extensive selection process. Our state-of-the-art showroom is a playground for adults, here you will have the option to choose from a range of high-quality fittings and finishes to create the home you have always wanted. We always welcome you to share your ideas and suggestions of new and innovative products. Perfecting your home is extremely important to us.  

Visit our showroom and Perth display homes today to get inspired.  

 From here, we recommend that you do your research and make carefully make decisions based on necessity, desires, and practicality. We’re WA home builders who have a track record of success and know how to make each building process as smooth and stress-free as possible for our clients. With years of experience behind us, we’ve helped create thousands of homes that are made for the people in them. 

At Domination Homes, our team is here to ensure your dream home comes to life.

At Domination Homes, we want to make this process easier for you. Feel free to contact us with any queries or questions. We are a custom home builder who cares.