Understanding the Pre-start Process for Building your Custom Home

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You are now in the Prestart phase of your building project!

This is where you can unleash your inner interior designer and design the home of your dreams.

Building a home is all about making it your own. 

A dream home should encompass a person’s whole lifestyle and personality. With our wide range of building options and the ability to work alongside a designer, you can create a Perth luxury home that is both functional and beautiful. With this, you can feel confident that your luxury home in Perth is able to adapt to changing lifestyles, downsizing or expanding families, and everything else. 

The Prestart process is an important step in creating your vision. In these meetings, our main goal is to pick out and finalise your internal and external colours and finishes. 

Prestart is what many people look forwards to the most when building a new house. 

It is important to plan for this meeting. Most likely, a variety of standard inclusions will be included in your contract. You will confirm materials and make other selections at the prestart phase. 

Looking for further inspiration? Why not visit our showroom or one of our Perth display homes.

Domination Homes Prestart Process

Prestart consultants will teach you how to read floorplans and answer all your questions. Come down to our showroom and meet your Pre-Start Consultant, your number one contact for all prestart selections. 

Next, they will take you through each room’s details and help pick fixtures and fittings. Then you’ll be able to see exactly what you have in your contract and the upgrades that you can select from. This could include light switches or extra power points. 

Are you good at making decisions? Step 2 is where your home’s interior and exterior colours are chosen. You don’t have to worry; Prestart Consultants will help you match colours if you’re having trouble. There are options from brands such as Dulux, Brikmakers, Alder, Tile Boutique, Polytec, and many more. The best tip we can give you is to go through the selection manual before going to your meeting. This will allow you to see what textures and colours are available. 

This step consists of two to three meetings. Here we go through every inch of detail, from plan changes to your selections. These meetings are personal, and that is because attention to detail here needs to be perfect. Your client liaison and prestart consultant are there the whole time to answer your questions and work with you. 

At this point, you really have full control over the style of your luxury home in Perth. 

 Sign off. Once you are satisfied with all the choices you made for your new house, it’s time for the paperwork to be completed and the floorplans adjusted to your specifications. Congratulations!  

Next, it is time to sign the contract and that is when the building will begin. 

How to get the most out of Pre-Start

Visit Our Showroom  

Before you start, ensure that you make time to see the inclusions in person. You can then weigh up your choices and not rush to your prestart meeting. 

Get Inspired

We love it when customers bring photos and images of their inspiration. This gives us an idea of what we can do to personalise your home. We have discussed creating a mood board of inspiration and colour choices. You can visit both our showrooms and those of our suppliers, as well as Perth’s display homes. By doing your research, you can narrow down your look, style, colours, and direction. 

Make a Model of Your Electrical Plan

It is crucial to ensure you have all the necessary plugs and that your ceiling lights are properly positioned. By mocking up your project before you start, you can minimise the need for inconvenient outlets or additional lighting. 


Consider Layouts and Measurements

It is a good idea to plan the furniture layout that you would like and take measurements. Take the time to plan your furniture layout and measure your furniture. Consider where you would like to place your items. To ensure that your cabinets fit together properly, measure the depth of your fridge or washing machine. 

Are you a big cooker? Is one oven enough? Or do you need two? You might consider removing the bench space and using recesses to store other appliances like microwaves and coffee machines. This can add a lot of aesthetic flair to your space and make a big functional difference. Visit our Perth display homes for inspiration. 

Examine the Included Items

is there anything you need to know about in your project and design inclusions? These can vary greatly, so you might want to make sure they are checked. 

Let’s Get Lit!

Lighting is crucial! Spend some time deciding what type of lighting you need for certain rooms. Our in-house lighting experts can help you make the most of your time. 

It’s likely that you will need to purchase a lot of them. Be aware of the cost per unit. You might consider a statement pendant for your living room while keeping other fixtures simple and affordable.

Simple Taps

It’s easy to make updates to your wet areas with inexpensive renovations down the track, so don’t blow your budget in the bathroom now. Black taps look great in a showroom, but they might fade within a few years. 

Smart Storage

Everybody wants plenty of storage. You should think about what storage you need in your build and what you can add later. 

Find Someone Who Has Been Through a Build Before

Before you start preparing, try taking them through the showroom. It can be difficult to digest all that there is to learn. It’s a good idea to have someone who has different tastes than you. They can help you think about other options and bring your choices back down to earth. 

Enjoy this Process!

It’s worth organising as it makes everything easier and more enjoyable. Arrive prepared to meet with your Prestart consultant at our showroom. We will then give you the details of your home and help you organise everything. We suggest visiting our Perth display homes too for inspiration. 

We want you to feel special from the moment you arrive. You have exclusive access to the showroom, which you can touch, feel, and explore with the help of your consultant. 

Learn About the Domination Homes Experience

We are here to make sure your Prestart meeting to the completion of your home is as smooth and stress-free for you as possible. To learn more about prestart and how we can ease the stress of building your dream house, contact us today!