Best storage ideas for your Luxury Home

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It’s likely that storage space won’t be the first thing you think of when building your luxury home. 

Most people place more emphasis on captivating new custom home design features such open plan living or stunning landscaping. 

While storage may not be the most glamorous topic, it’s something worth thinking about. Homeowners often complain that they have too much stuff and not enough storage space. Your home will be more functional and look better if you have all your stuff in its right place.   

You and your family’s needs will dictate the storage solutions that you choose. You might consider a large wardrobe design if you have trouble finding space for your clothes, shoes, bags, and other belongings. If cooking is your favourite pastime, you will need kitchen storage that doesn’t compromise functionality or design style. 

As Perth’ luxury home builders, we have put together some of our top storage ideas for every space in your home. 

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Kitchen: Functional space

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands can be a smart design feature in open-plan kitchens, they also provide extra storage space. To maximise space in your kitchens, you can add shelves or drawers underneath the bench and a sink to allow space on the other benchtops in the kitchen. 

Walk in Pantries

For families, we always recommend walk in pantries. Walk-in pantries are better than hiding items in dark, cluttered cupboards. The design can be customised to include shelves and drawers or add compartments for additional bits and pieces. 

Butler Kitchens

They are back!! Butler kitchens are becoming extremely popular in custom luxury home designs.  

So, what is a butler kitchen? Traditionally, they were where the butler would prepare food, clean dishes, and store silverware. But today they are usually used to store those sometimes kitchen items you don’t use every day.   

What can be stored in your butler’s kitchen?  

  • Pots and pans 
  • Large serving platters or bowls 
  • Sink and cleaning equipment  
  • Large appliances, e.g., second fridge, dishwasher  
  • Other appliances, e.g., slow cooker, rice cooker 

Bathroom: More than just a vanity 

Built in Hidden Cabinets

If the only storage solution is a bathroom vanity, the space quickly becomes cluttered. Do you want more space but still prefer a minimalist design? Hidden cabinets may be the answer.  You can have cabinets built by a luxury home builder that is recessed in the wall or hidden inside a feature like a mirror or bath. 

Tallboy Cabinets 

Tallboy cabinets look exactly like their name suggests – tall cabinets. Tallboy cabinets come in two options: wall-hung or floor standing. They can be designed to complement your bathroom’s style.  

Laundry: No longer the forgotten room

The laundry room is often overlooked or considered “ugly” in a house. It is a place that collects dirty clothes and everything else you don’t want to keep in the main rooms. If you think about storage when talking to your luxury home builder, the laundry can be made functional and more pleasant. 

Washing machine and dryer

Placements of large appliances, such as washers and dryers, can impact the amount of space you have. Your laundry space will be maximised if you arrange your dryer and washer so that they can fit on top of each other. To free up space above the appliances, another smart storage solution is to place them under the bench. 

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Wall cabinets

In old-fashioned laundry designs, cabinets are usually located below the sink and nowhere else. What were they thinking? It is possible to maximise storage space in your laundry by using wall space, above the sink, and on opposing walls. 

Bedroom: custom built wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe is the ultimate luxury home bedroom design accessory. A walk-in wardrobe will give you many storage options and create a serene atmosphere in your bedroom. For shoes and bags storage, you can build custom drawer units and floor-to-ceiling shelves.  

Garage: for more than just cars

Although the garage may seem overwhelming with tools and other items, there are clever solutions that will allow you to have a tidy multipurpose space.  

The garage is more than a parking space for your car, it can also be used to store all your gardening equipment and sports gear. Garages can quicklyturn into a mess of tools, toys, and bikes for families. Here’s how to solve it. The easiest options are overhead storage and slatwalls. Suspended shelving placed above and along the walls can double the space. Slat walls offer different heights for shelves, and custom-made racks to hang gardening tools and bikes. Built-in cabinets or pegboards are useful tools for organisation and workspaces. 

If you have the space and budget, a loft can be built in smaller garages to give you more space. 

Office: organisation for the workaholic

To be a productive space, a study must be comfortable and well-organized. 

Use wall space to install bookshelves. Add a well-organized desk with lots of drawer space. Additional drawers and desk space will be required if you work from home. You can give your space a luxurious touch by choosing built-in cabinets that can be customised and finished to match your personal tastes and needs. 

Talk to our team about more Storage Ideas

As Perth luxury home builders, we at Domination Homes, know that every family has different storage needs. And that’s why when you build a custom home design, your storage space solutions are up to you.  

If you’re planning on building your dream home, get in touch! We’ll do what is right by you.