Building Elements: Why is Brick so Popular in Perth?

There are so many building materials involved in the construction of your dream home,

but do you know why they are used?

One key element in our buildings throughout WA is brickwork. It is the most commonly used material in the residential sector. The majority of homes in Perth are double brick meaning two skins of brickwork, one on the outside and one on the inside. This is divided by a cavity, which is there to reduce any moisture penetrating the inside of your property.

So why is double brick still popular in Perth?


Brick is a classic trusted material that will stand the test of time, with the durability and strength to give your home a highly stable structure. This ensures the home is capable of withstanding storms, fire and exposure to the elements. Brickwork is also less prone to be damaged by pests and termites.


One major benefit of double brick design is its thermal mass properties. Thermal mass refers to the ability of a material, due to its mass, to retain heat and passively heat and cool a home. The external skin of bricks can absorb heat from the sun and gradually release it into the interiors overnight. This also helps to keep energy bills small. Win!

Brick is a trusted material that brings character and aesthetic appeal to your home and is cost-competitive compared to other building options. With its long history, double brick looks like it is here to stay as the preferred building material for Perth’s homes.

Here is some of our favourite brickwork currently on-site!

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