Choosing your Block: Tips and Tricks from Matt Bothe

“Choosing your block of land can be almost as hard as creating your home design, and in some cases not as fun. To hopefully make the process a little simpler, here are some considerations you may want to take onboard before you buy” – Matt Bothe

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Location of the suburb, neighbourhood and street are always important based on your current and future needs. Lifestyle, family and work commitments will dictate your most suitable location and simplify the process of finding a location. The need to be in a school catchment area, close to public amenities, family and friends are all great considerations.

The Size, Shape and Orientation

The size, shape and orientation are all key considerations when selecting your block. Have a particular design in mind? This is normally not a problem on larger plots, but in suburban areas, the width, depth and slope will determine what sort of house you can build. The direction the block faces in will also effect the way the home is designed. Ideally, the best orientation for passive solar design, maximum comfort and energy efficiency is to have the northern side on the longest boundary. This allows you to take advantage of natural light. This can be a secondary consideration if the block has valuable views but you should never totally ignore the northern aspect.

Planning Permissions

Planning permissions are considerations we sometimes over looked when considering a block of land. You’ll need to be aware of the conditions in the land contract. Check the land’s zoning. Council regulations change often, and a change in zoning could mean that you can’t build at all. Additionally, considering BAL ( bushfire attack level ) can dictate the material and design that could cost more.

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