Common Building Hurdles And How We Overcome Them


Common Building Hurdles and How We Overcome Them

It’s an exciting step in any home building dream becoming a reality. You’ve got your 1000sqm block, and you’re ready to build your home. But what happens when the block you’ve purchased doesn’t equal a house of that size, and more importantly why?


We answer these questions with a look at how Domination Homes can help to overcome the common hurdles of building your luxury homes.


In any build of any style, the most common issues faced are always block size and slope. They are unavoidable factors which, if not addressed properly, can have an impact on the final outcome of your dream build.


At Domination Homes, one of the crucial first steps in your build is a contour survey of your block. Completed prior to any building on your site, it is run by a fully qualified surveyor and allows our team the full details of your block.


Levels, angles, encumbrances, easements and boundary alignments are all elements of potential design restrictions, so by acknowledging these early in the process, we can optimise all that which we have to work with.


Another dilemma which is highly unavoidable when building is that of neighbours and neighbouring properties. Existing fences, retaining walls, encroaching buildings or overshadowing courtyards all come into play and can affect the design process and the final size of your build.


Building with Domination Homes means that you’ll receive a personal block inspection by our Head Designer, Steve, with his 35 years plus of experience. His initial inspection will highlight any potential challenges and allows us to conceive simple and pleasing solutions early on, eliminating any future headaches, and allowing your home to reach the full potential of size.


Local authorities and land developers can also pose potential issues when it comes to your design and build. Ranging from Wanneroo to Mandurah alone, there are 30 Local Councils, each with differing policies and regulations. These can include streetscapes, building heights, boundary walls or set back distances, all of which will affect the size of your home.


Keeping up with these policies and changes can prove a struggle for some, but you can be assured that we have the best of the best keeping us regularly updated to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your planning approval and maximising the space your block presents.


As our population continues to grow, and houses continue to get built, rules and regulations will constantly be changing and updating, as will styles and trends. Building with Domination Homes allows you the best of both worlds; professionals who address potential setbacks before they exist, and creators who can build your dream home regardless of the hurdles that must be overcome.


Our selection of custom built homes speak for themselves in demonstrating the way, time after time, we deliver unique and incredible masterpiece builds while working around all the aforementioned obstacles.


Two blocks; the same size, in the same Council, in the same suburb, may not necessarily equal the same home twice. But we’re in the market to build unique masterpieces, so let us design your dream home perfectly unique to your dream block of land.


To have a glance at our range of custom built designs, click here, or to find out more about how we can bring your dream home to life on even the narrowest of blocks, read our blog ‘Living Large on a Narrow Lot’.