Connecting your Home with the Outdoors

The outdoors has an indescribable appeal to us.

From the large blue sky, the natural textures of the earth, the mystery of water, the undeniable charisma of wood, the strength and durability of stone; all make us feel refreshed, calm, and one with the earth. It comes as no surprise that this feeling is so strongly desired in modern home designs in Perth. We see clients who ask us to do this all the time. 

But, how do we get these elements from the outdoors, into the inside of our home? There has to be more fun and interesting ways to do it  apart from bringing plants into our living space, right? 

Although our team of luxury builders can’t say no to a good plant piece in our dining area, we have devised a few more suggestions that you are going to love. Let us know what you think.

Bring in natural fibres, textures and patterns:

Whether we are talking wicker, rattan, hemp, or even jute – all of these materials are inspired by the wonderment of nature. Why not choose these bold materials in your furniture for a comfortable oasis to indulge in? In terms of decor – baskets, rugs, and even lampshades will bring the outdoors to your relaxing space.

Use colours that are inspired by the outdoors:

Green is the new black, as they say. A splash of green reminds us of the earth, grass, plants and hints of the outdoors. Blue on the other hand is incredibly  refreshing, think of a waterfall, the big blue sky or even the ocean. It’s hard to go wrong with yellow, as this colour evokes a sense of freshness, like the sun or fresh flowers. When in doubt, you can stick to a few neutral tones like whites, tans and beiges. These neutral colours can make your interiors feel natural, and clean. Use these colours on your walls, window coverings, and even your bedding.

Use natural flooring instead of man-made flooring:

If you are trying to bring warmth to your home, we cannot recommend enough the power of wood, cork and even bamboo for all your flooring materials. This is a very natural and inviting experience, that really sets the tone for the home. By bringing these flooring choices into your home, your body will appeal to the organic elements that come with such natural settings.

Let in natural light:

Natural light always beats artificial light. Let the rays of the sun, which is absolutely free, soak into the imperative parts of the home. People love natural light because it makes us feel better, and is an essential source for our Vitamin D. We recommend replacing heavy drapery with lighter fabrics. Some of our clients choose to opt for a skylight in their bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas. Did you know that skylights can increase your home’s value? Be sure to ask us about it.

Open your windows and breathe in fresh air:

Fresh air makes us feel fresh, alive and at peace. So, doesn’t it make sense to bring that feeling indoors. You can do this by installing screens in your windows, and turning the air conditioning off occasionally and letting in fresh air. This is a free way to freshen up your home with nature.

Ensure all windows have a gorgeous view:

If you have overgrown bushes or rubbish bins blocking your view, clear it up. There is nothing that beats the outdoor views of beautiful clean landscaping, your swimming pool, or just your kids playing out in the yard.

Ready to define and design your luxury that speaks to the natural elements of the site?

Then you want to work with a luxury builder who understands how your home in Perth matches its surroundings, bringing the outside into the inside. Let us begin your luxury home building journey today, we can customise your home to suit a design that speaks to your unique tastes. We look forward to chatting with you about your dream home, be sure to explore our designs here along with our recent article on some amazing luxury design ideas.