Discovering the Hamptons Style for your Perth Custom Home

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The Hamptons is a place of luxury and style.

That’s why the design for homes in this area have been named after its location! When entering such an abode, you’ll find that there are plenty of lively features with light walls and bright colours everywhere; but do not worry because overall, your surroundings will be calming and peaceful as if you’re on vacation.

At Domination Homes, we have curated a list of elements to consider when designing your own home to achieve the same appeal:

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The furniture is a key to Hamptons-style finesse

It’s important to remember that when designing a living space, furniture should be arranged in an open and welcoming way. This will help create the comforting environment people need after being at work all day or running errands. The best type of furniture for this would most likely look light and neutral with soft fabrics like velvet couches as well as throws, pillows and other accessories who can add texture or colour without overpowering your chosen palette.

Let there be LIGHT!

Lighting options should always be considered when the natural light fades and the sun goes down. Your home is not just for day living but night-time living. The perfect addition to complementing a Hamptons-style home at night-time are pendant lights that work subtly around your house, creating gentle illumination in every room of your interior design while still maintaining its beauty from indirect lighting as well as dimming capabilities depending on what you need it for during any occasion.


Consider the colour scheme

The simple beach colours are mixed with nudes, whites and complimentary bright colours such as yellow, blue and green. The reason for this is that the warm neutral tones represent a coastal shore. These cool shades complement blues to reflect an atmosphere of relaxation on the coastline in Perth.

Fabrics and materials

There is a tranquil and relaxed feel to the Hamptons-style. The neutral colour palette makes it easy to add pops of colours in accent pieces, such as throw pillows or artwork. Soothing natural materials like linen, cotton, wool make up much of this design motif’s look with their textures mixing well with other elements that have similar qualities: timber for its luxurious appearance and stone for how versatile it can be depending on what you’re looking to accomplish inside your home.

Do not forgo the flooring!

Add character to your home by installing white timber flooring. This will add to the earthy and whitewashed tone of a Hamptons-style room. Installing just floors is not enough, you can accessorise them too! By adding in an organic-looking tan rug against a light wood grain background, you’ll get an overall look that’s much more complete than before.

Domination Homes is here to help

It might be time to finally build your dream Hamptons-style home with Domination Homes. We’re Perth custom builders who have a track record of success and know how to make each building process as smooth and stress-free as possible for our clients. With years of experience behind us, we’ve helped create thousands of homes that are made for the people in them.

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