Streetscapes: How the location of your block should impact your Design


How the location of your block should impact your design.

Streetscape; what does this mean when it comes to your home? Designing a streetscape is creating a building to fit its context’s natural environment, style and cultural mix. It doesn’t mean that every home built must imitate another.

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Individual building designs can be diverse in age, shape, or style yet combine to create a neighbourhood identity. Gardens and landscaping in the front of your property can encourage connection and build a community spirit among residents. A streetscape that looks inviting can increase market demand and property prices.


At Domination Homes, the team works hard to consider the style of the neighbourhood and pull inspiration. For example, the Charpente mimics the
brickwork prominent in Perth’s northern suburbs, integrating it as a feature without compromising the design. This is a great way to acknowledge the
context and still create your dream home.

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So when considering building and buying, don’t just think about the home, consider all aspects of where you plan to live. Get in contact with our team and we will be happy to help you through your home building journey. Visit our showroom to explore her mood boards or one of our award-winning display homes to see her work in action.

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