Landscaping: Why it’s Important to Set a Healthy Budget Aside


Why it’s Important to Set a Healthy Budget Aside.

As the summer months are fast approaching, this is the time we all start to get excited about the summer BBQs and entertaining we will be doing at home, not to mention Christmas festivities! So isn’t it important that we invest in our outside living? The answer is yes! We are a summer state, and we love spending time outdoors!

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The first visual you have of any home is the street appearance, and it’s vital when building or selling a home that it feels welcoming and inviting. So, when it comes to landscaping, it’s important to make sure you have a decent budget set aside to finish off your home. After all, WA summers are all about entertaining friends and family outside and enjoying our beautiful weather.

It All Adds Up!

There’s nothing more uninviting than a baron yard. Some would say that the budget set aside is too much, but when you break it down, is it enough? Decking, reticulation, pools, mature or semi-mature plants, grass, alfresco, BBQs, lighting, fans, trades – the list goes on! Add that adds up, so it’s important to plan for these expenses when you first design your new custom home.

Domination Homes is Here to Help!

If you are homeowners that are never home, always working away or travels a lot, the budget would be adjusted as your upkeep would need to be kept to a minimum unless you have a gardener. You wouldn’t be around for the upkeep- and pools and gardens require it! Visit our showroom to explore her mood boards or one of our award-winning display homes to see her work in action.

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