Learning from the Past: Combining the Old World with the New World

Learning from the Past:

Combining the Old World with the New World

One thing I have learned on my interior design journey is that good design should offer a sense of calm and security. This can be experienced when combining the “old world with the new world”. If you look back on your ancestry, you will almost always find a sense of connection with heritage architecture.

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What’s Your Vision?

You may be connected to Roman Catholic architecture, with their soft curves and archways; or the mythology of the Ancient Greeks that connect you with their visually striking columns. Once you became intrigued by them, you almost always want to discover more.

I Dare You!

So why not connect the the past and present in interior design? When selecting your interiors, dare to go back in time with your soft furnishings. Consider using velvets, linens, and furs. Explore high ceilings with archway entries or even be open to using materials like Venetian plasters, wallpapers, marble or stones for your benchtops.

Consider Your Heritage

Try to add a small part of the old world into your creative design and open the door to calmed possibilities. There is nothing worse than when you build a home that feels cold and uninviting, so I encourage all my clients to dive deeper into their heritage. By considering the heritage of your home’s suburb and your culture, you can create a unique sense of place that every home deserves.

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