Narrow Lot Design: How to create luxury on a limited lot

Due to many West Australians wanting to live closer to the city, narrow blocks are becoming increasingly common, resulting from the subdivision of a larger block

 These blocks of land can often be less than 10m wide and therefore efficient use of space is key when designing. The reduced space forces creativity and versatility of design and makes you think about every inch of space. Open-plan living areas are an important consideration for making use of limited space, creating the feeling that you have more room than you do. This can be achieved by combining areas such as the kitchen, living space and dining areas. Another great way is to add an outdoor entertaining area with large doors that can be opened fully to not only bring the outside in but to extend your livable space.

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Higher Ceilings

On a narrow block, high ceilings are another great way to create an increased feeling of space. You may be limited in the width of your home, but there’s a lot more room above your head. Of course, it is necessary to be mindful of any possible building height restrictions in your local council area.

Natural Light

Natural light is your best friend when designing a home for a narrow block. Make use of light, room and window placements to get the best use of your square meter. The orientation of your home will also affect how much natural light is let in, so consider this during the design process.

Design Vertically:

By building upwards, you will be able to add additional living spaces, but is also a clever way on narrow blocks to create more space for the items you desire, such as a larger backyard, swimming pool or even a double garage. Utilizing the air space above you is a way to extend your home’s footprint.

Let Domination Homes Create Your Dream Home

All in all, narrow blocks do not mean you have to compromise. By building smart, you can still have large luxurious spaces and a functional home. Remember space is all about perception.

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