Outdoor Spaces


Outdoor Spaces
A beautiful Australian climate means that we’re lucky enough to be able to spend the majority of the year outside comfortably. There’s nothing better that enjoying a chilled glass of white on your deck on a balmy summer’s night. So when it comes to designing your new home, put your mind towards how to use the space you have, how to optimise these spacesand take into consideration outdoor spaces. Whether you’re on a large piece of land or working with a narrow block, with the right Perth home builders, you can optimise your outdoor living area to create beautiful spaces on any block. Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about how to create the best outdoor space for your new home.

Create Flow Between Indoor and Outdoor

In 2017, a trend to watch is a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living. In a climate where being outside is preferable most months of the year, it makes sense to optimise your space by incorporating your outdoor area to your indoor living. With doors that can open up completely, you can effectively create an additional living space during the summer months. Outdoor kitchens are rising in popularity and if you have the space, this can be great for entertaining in the warmer months. However, in a narrow lot building, where you’re limited for space, doors and windows that open up completely to a small courtyard or pool can mean that you’re not compromising on space inside but doubling your space outside when the weather permits.

Open Plan Living

We’ve all heard this phrase being throw around when it comes to Perth homes, but what exactly does this mean? Open plan living is definitely rising in popularity as it optimises space and creates a flow throughout areas in your home. Combining kitchen, dining and living rooms creates more open spaces and will effectively connect your spacious indoor living area to your outdoor living. Dining space is always a safe bet to open up from and this will make it particularly easy when entertaining as you’ll have twice the amount of space once those doors are wide open.

All the Bells and Whistles

Spending time outside is undoubtedly part of the Australian lifestyle. These days there’s a push to move as much as possible outdoors. Think about an outdoor projector screen to watch footy games on, or a pizza oven with a kitchenette for entertaining in the summer. Obviously, pool areas are ideal in Australia and even if you are on a narrow lot building, there’s a pool for any sized area.

So when it comes to building your new home, Domination Homes can help you get the most out of any sized block. With summers like these, it would be a crime to waste your outdoor space! We can help you design the perfect flow from inside to outside so that you’ll optimise your space every month of the year and create beautiful spaces that you’ll never want to leave. Contact us on 9262 7400 for enquiries.