How a Luxury Perth Builder can Help You Subdivide your Block

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It’s time to make a decision! You’ve got this great land, but you need some help from an experienced and reputable builder in Perth. With the right team on your side, anything is possible: break it down into individual blocks or go big with one huge piece of property- either way, there are plenty of opportunities for you here in Perth.

Today, we are going to discuss what a subdivision with Domination Homes might look like.

Firstly, what are the primary types of subdivisions in Perth?

In Western Australia, the term “subdivision” means designing a lot of land into smaller and more desirable lots. There are many subdivisions to choose from such as:

House behind house

This is more cost-effective for developers because they have less need for roads.


The perfect way to get twice the space.


This is where you have three houses on one lot.


Multi-unit developments including apartments.

A luxury builder translates the unique vision of a client.

As luxury builders – we understand how much this journey means to you. This is your vision, your dream and it is the blank canvas for your family to continue their legacy. We don’t take that honour lightly. Therefore, you can trust that there is nothing cookie-cutter about our approach. The same ethos is applied for your subdivision project.

A luxury builder understands the intricacies of your unique project.

Domination Homes has the expertise to make sure that your custom home is compliant with zoning and building codes. If you’re planning a strata subdivision, we know what steps are needed next for approval by your local council. Furthermore, understanding rates and land tax, installing water metres, undertaking the steps for an efficient demolition project (should you require this), employing quality surveyors, and considering titles costs – there are several elements to take into account for your subdivision in Perth.

The best part of a luxury builder is that they plan for the unforeseen.

As a luxury builder in Perth, we are accustomed to the unforeseeable and work with clients on contingency. Interest rates could rise, or project time delays may crop up, but we will ensure that any needed changes are handled promptly in order for your home building process not be derailed by unforeseen circumstances.

Luxury home builders will work with whatever your block size is.

This is about you and your requirements. We will work with any block we have – regardless of shape, size or slope. This comes from our combined experience as luxury builders, we are used to ensuring no two projects are the same. We have worked with an array of block sizes, and we will be able to manage your unique requirement just the same.

Domination Homes is here to help

At Domination Homes, we are knowledgeable subdivision builders in Perth who have the know-how to manage a project from start to finish. We will consult with local councils and stakeholders on your behalf, ensuring that you get all the permissions needed for your subdivision – without any need for red tape or hassle!

We can then determine what’s possible for your land by working out how best it could be developed. Get in touch today. In the meantime, you can view what our past clients have said about us here.

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