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Luxury Homes Embedded with Vastu Principles

At Domination Homes, we understand the importance of combining modern luxury with traditional values. Our commitment to crafting dream homes with Vastu design principles ensures a harmonious living experience.

“Designed on Innovation, Built on Tradition,” is the guiding principle at Domination Homes. Hence, it’s paramount for us to tailor our designs to your specific Vastu traditions or personal preferences.

Understanding Vastu

Vastu design principles emphasize harmony with directional energies. Three key ideas are:


Proper alignment of entrances and rooms with cardinal directions enhances positive energy flow. For instance, the main entrance facing north or east is considered auspicious.


Balancing elemental forces within the structure according to direction fosters equilibrium. For instance, the northeast represents water, so placing a water feature or using blue hues in that direction can enhance tranquility and abundance.

Elemental Balance

Proper alignment of entrances and rooms with cardinal directions enhances positive energy flow. For instance, the main entrance facing north or east is considered auspicious.


Experience the harmonious blend of tradition and luxury with our homes embedded with Vastu principles. These homes are thoughtfully designed to align with Vastu Shastra, bringing a sense of balance, positivity, and well-being to your living spaces. Discover the unique serenity and opulence that Vastu design brings to your dream home, where every corner resonates with positive energy and prosperity.

The Noble is an incredible new home design, packed with client-specific features to create their dream home.

The Noble is an extraordinary home design that transcends the boundaries of luxury and functionality. The ground floor seamlessly integrates a dance studio, a serene prayer room, and a well-appointed office, ensuring that every member of the family’s unique needs are met. This distinctive customisation ensures that the home resonates with the family’s essence, reflecting both their cultural traditions and professional aspirations.

Palatial in its presence, the Empress is a luxury custom home filled with stunning details.

From the moment you walk through the door, the view to the backyard has been expertly sculpted by Domination Homes’ design team, guiding guests through the open plan living area.

The home’s open plan concept has been designed so that the clients can enjoy stunning views to their backyard year-round, with large windows to harness natural light and fill the home with life. The living room is framed by feature timber slats which wrap around the prayer room.

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Achieving Vastu Design

Site Selection

Vastu begins with selecting the perfect place for your new home, whether that be a new piece of land or working within your existing property

Floor Plan

Our experts meticulously plan your home’s layout, ensuring that rooms and spaces are placed to optimize positive energy flow.

Directional Alignment

Proper placement of rooms, entrances, and windows according to cardinal directions maximizes harmony with nature.

Elemental Balance

We incorporate the five elements of Vastu – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space – to bring balance and positivity into your living space.

Colour & Material Selection

We help you select colors and materials that enhance Vastu compliance, creating a serene and auspicious atmosphere.

We work meticulously with certified Vastu Consultants nominated by our clients to ensure that your home meets your religious and cultural requirements!


Our homes, designed with utmost care and precision, follow the age-old wisdom of Vastu Shastra to create spaces that radiate positive energy, balance, and well-being. Immerse yourself in the serenity and prosperity of Vastu-inspired living, where every room, every corner, and every detail is meticulously aligned to bring harmony to your life. Discover the magic of Vastu-compliant homes, where tradition meets modern luxury for a truly extraordinary living experience.

the vogue

The Vogue fuses intelligent design with opulence, ensuring luxury without compromising on comfort.

The Domination Homes design team have combined modern design with organic warmth to create the Vogue, a home that feels cosy and welcoming for residents and visitors alike.

The ground floor of the home acts as a self-contained entertainment zone, complete with a guest wing so that those visiting the home can experience the same luxury as those who reside there. The heart of the home is the open plan living area, lit by large floor to ceiling windows and a stunning double height void.

The award-winning Serenity integrates entertainment with comfortable living, providing residents with a home they can feel proud to own.

The Serenity is a brilliant example of how the Domination Homes design team is able to overcome challenges, ultimately winning ‘Project Home of the Year’ in 2021. The Serenity’s site is at a sleep slope which was ultimately used to the designer’s advantage, resulting in a unique home ideal for those who enjoy hosting guests but still enjoy their privacy.

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Domination Homes – Luxury Homes Embedded with Vastu Principles

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Terms & Conditions

After consulting with Carrisa Pty Ltd T/A Domination Homes, an advisor will provide the client (you) with a “design brief” to be completed before the free consultation to facilitate a more comprehensive service.

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