What’s trending in 2021 Home Design?

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If you’ve been glued to the latest series of The Block and are getting excited by all the latest in luxury custom-home design, then this article is for you.

In an effort to help keep our valued customers informed, staff at Domination Homes have been keeping our fingers on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not, so that you don’t have to.

It should come as no surprise that many of the emerging style trends have been driven by our experiences amid a global pandemic. With so many more having been confined to barracks, so to speak, and the resulting upsurge in people now working from home, too, it’s little wonder that colour palettes and designs that provide peace and serenity are booming in popularity.

So, without further ado, here are some of the most popular styles and trends that are dominating 2021:

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Indoor-outdoor living

Granted, we haven’t endured as many lockdowns as our east coast cousins, but they’ve still drawn focus to how we seek space and solitude at home. Creating the perfect indoor-outdoor living areas results in areas that can be closed off for privacy, or opened up for entertaining. Bi-fold and stacker doors remain a popular choice for those wanting to open up and bring the outdoors in easily.

Home offices

Working from home became a fact of life for many during the lockdown. In fact, some workers loved it so much that they’ve refused to rejoin the daily peak-hour crush.

However, to truly flourish in a home office environment, you need a well-thought-out, secluded and quiet space to let your creative or analytical juices flow.

Open floor plans

It seems open-plan living is here to stay, with the sense of space, natural light and relaxed, easy living providing comfort in home castles across the nation. It’s a struggle to feel confined by circumstance when living in a luxurious open-plan space.

The modern Hamptons style

The modern Hamptons style is here to stay, thanks to its classic and calming features. Your modern Hamptons style features sophisticated neutral tones of blue, white, grey and green, with limewashed timber tones, and grey-veined white marble. Hamptons homes were made for relaxed coastal living and are perfect for entertaining, focusing on seamless indoor-outdoor spaces. What’s not to love?

Grey brick

Our customers can’t get enough grey bricks in their luxury home builds at the moment. And why not? They are a sophisticated neutral colour that is also classic, meaning they will help with resale dollars when it comes time to hit the market.

Gold hardware and fixtures

Pinterest and Instagram look like a domestic treasure trove at the moment, with golden-brass hardware and fittings featuring everywhere from bathrooms, to kitchens and everywhere in between.

Concrete and Caesarstone benches

It’s not just marble enjoying its time in the sun. Concrete and Caesarstone benches are all the rage, too. Our hard-working Domination Homes design team say requests for concrete and Caesarstone in kitchens and bathrooms are through the roof right now, with so many colours and designs to choose from.

Recycled brick

Looking for a bit of old-school charm or upcycled character? Recycled bricks add a lot of personality to a home.

Domination Homes is here to help

If you’d like to explore the latest design trends, or the old classics that stand the test of time, please book a consultation with our knowledgeable Domination Homes design team today. We’ll help you get the finish you desire.