Custom Furniture: How it can help make your new house the perfect home

Custom Furniture:
How it can help make your new house the perfect home.

When most people think custom-made, they automatically assume that they’re going to blow an outrageous budget but how true is this idea? I always come back to the old analogy, will a square fit into a round hole? The answer is always no, so is going custom more expensive than purchasing something that you have to alter or settle for?

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Perfect Outcome

Custom furniture allows you to get the outcome that you 100% desire the first time. I say this as we have all made that fatal mistake of purchasing the cheaper product first, trying to save a few dollars, and then over time, you need to go back and purchase something new.

It’s OK to wait…

My biggest tip to you is don’t be afraid to wait till you can afford what you know will work the first time. Look at custom cabinetry, upholstery or even soft furnishings as I can assure you that spending a few hundred more the first time around will save you a lot more in the long run. You will get the result you love, especially if it is your forever home.

Supporting Local

A positive byproduct of buying custom means that you are often supporting local, and reducing the carbon footprint of your furniture. Furniture imported from overseas has considerable carbon emissions, so buying local reduces your impact on the environment.

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