4 Reasons to Consider Demolishing and Rebuilding For your New Home

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Finding vacant lots within your favourite suburbs is nearly impossible.

So the question remains, have you considered finding an old home within a suburb you like, demolishing it and then building a custom home?

That way, you can get into your catchment zones, without compromising on the custom home you want to build.

At Domination Homes, we have 4 reasons you should consider a knock-down and rebuild today.

#1 Get into your dream location

Has it been your dream to build in the western suburbs? Perhaps you want to live closer to your parents? Or maybe, you know that the neighbourhood and school zones of a particular location are incredibly sought-after. Whatever the reason is, the scarcity of land has meant that a lot of people have had to move further out, or settle for existing homes within the locations they want to be in. That is…until they consider a demolish and rebuild! Why not find an old, dilapidated home in a dream suburb, knock it down, and then start over, just the way you like it?

#2 Don’t compromise on how your home will be

Have you always wanted to live in a home that has a large master bedroom? Maybe, you have always wanted a gourmet-grade, chef’s kitchen. Regardless of your dreams, a custom-build is the answer to getting there. By demolishing and rebuilding, you get the best of both worlds.

#3 Build a home with modern amenities

Building styles and technology have evolved significantly over recent years. What you were looking for when first buying your home is likely different from what you want now. Modern homes often feature open plan living spaces, focusing on entertaining outside or in-home theatres that can be enjoyed by those close friends who come to visit! New building materials put safety first while also reducing energy consumption.

#4 Property value will increase

Tearing down an old and abandoned building to make way for something new is one of the most effective ways in increasing a property’s value. For instance, if the home is old or has a poor foundation, demolition can be done, so that you revitalise the use of the land. Rebuilding will increase the market price when you are finally ready to one day put the home on the market (if ever!) Plus, if you have found or live on a large block, you may even have room for two new homes – one to sell and one to live in! This makes for a fantastic investment opportunity, giving you the financial freedom, you might not have thought possible.

Domination Homes is here to help

So, are you ready to start planning, designing and building your dream luxury home in Perth? Then get in touch!