Stunning Design Styles to Inspire your New Perth Luxury Home

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A significant challenge many home building clients face is a lack of understanding or ability to describe their preferred style.

With an abundance of unique home design styles developed over the eras, it can be daunting to nut out which style speaks to you.

So today, we wanted to explore a few amazing luxury home design styles that might be exactly what suits your palette.

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Art Deco is an iconic early twentieth century interior design style of French origin which pervaded most of the better half of the 1900s.

A few signatures of this are its sunburst and graduated step motifs; and a sprinkle of African, Russian and, most importantly, Egyptian cultures.

The style was heavily inspired by the industrial revolution, so you will note metal also intelligently incorporated into the design. Forms were curved or angular and the most recognisable colours of the style are black, white and gold.

We actually went into detail about this amazing design style in our article here.


This style is iconic for its heavy timbers, in fact, it is an almost universal design style choice for mountain chalets, cabins and lakeside lodges.

It suitably balances the natural characteristics of its surroundings, by incorporating appropriate natural materials and colour schemes. Think: exposed beams, timber-clad walls and stone elements that characterise the style’s context. For lighting choices, your options can be cast iron or antler chandeliers.



When we speak about classic, we are referencing classic civilisations. Picture predominantly a sophisticated Greek and Roman style, and sprinkles of the civilisation’s traditions.

The design includes columns and other classical architectural elements that are monuments of this look, with stand outs that were popular in the Renaissance era.


A country-style usually denotes a provincial European style. We are talking loose-covered upholstery in linen, and patterns, such as florals and tartan is the style’s trademark and upholstered fauteuils, which are usually whitewashed or painted for a more tranquil feel.

Modern incarnations of the style include stylised florals, squared-off silhouettes and less traditional colour palettes, including the use of greyed woods and neutrals over quintessentially country pastels.


This look is growing increasing popular, and for good reason too! Envision lofts and warehouses – yes we are talking about the famous ‘undone aesthetic’ of the industrial look. Open-plan is the main configuration of this home design. This paired with naked and bare high ceilings truly define this look.

Aged or antiqued finishes, metals and raw textures such as brick and stone are common, resulting in a well-crafted effortless aesthetic.

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