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Costa embodies the essence of costal life, connecting residents with nature whilst working to passively reduce the impact of wind on the home, increasing comfort.



Luxury meets art deco with high ceilings and bold geometry. Breeze blocks are a unique new feature in homes. They help to obstruct excess wind from entering the home, as well as adding a unique element to the home, a favourite of our designer.

An arched walkway to the entrance of the home invites nature to interact, opening up to a luxurious garden oasis. Within the home, there is a clear separation between the private and entertainment spaces for carefree hosting.

The north eastern side of the home is home to a large open plan living area, complete with a luxury kitchen and scullery. A breakfast bar is a brilliant place for residents to come to casually eat meals together, complete work or simply to spend time in one another’s company.

The first floor of the home acts as the master level, with its own sitting area, private ensuite and balcony. This is a real point of difference as it is a unique approach to providing a lack of disturbance without disconnecting the master bedroom from the rest of the home entirely.

Other notable features:

  • Costal balcony with seamless glass for a perfect view
  • Open plan living
  • Floor to ceiling windows

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